Things I like and want to share

Thought I’d share some of the things that I find make me happy, maybe some of you are looking for new things to do and these will make you happy too:

  1. Apple music - I really love apple music, it gets me listening to a lot more music and I love most of the playlists. There’s playlists for every kind of music you like: rap, jazz, classical and so on… Since I’ve installed apple music I find it extremely enjoyable to just put on some music and go for a walk or just sit at home… It takes a while to find the kind of music you like but it’s really easy with this app. Spotify is good too, but I find that apple music playlists are much much better; in fact, I would not recommend Spotify since it’s kinda depressing for some reason.

  2. Taking pictures/drawing - I find it extremely pleasurable to take a picture or draw something and then look at it, try to think how to make it better and so on… Sometimes I really like what I draw/photograph and that definitely makes me feel good. I find it soothing on the eyes… which hurt sometimes…

  3. Going for a walk - Going for walks is always recommended by doctors but not many people do this… Here are my tips for going on good walks that you will feel like taking: 1. go where ever your feet take you, don’t think too much of the path or direction just walk, after a while you will have a steady pattern or a few nice paths. 2. Don’t go too far at first; for your first walk just walk a little bit around the house it doesn’t really matter, you don’t have to take a long walk. 3. If you have a dog, take it with you, but you don’t really have to. 4. Ask other people to join you they might like that too.
    I think the thing about walking is that it creates movement in your body and in this way it creates movement in your mind and soul as well, so you should take this seriously it’s not just about exercise it’s about freeing your self from yourself… (any other type of movement is also good)

  4. Talk on the phone, and look for social interaction - social interaction can be very annoying but it can also be very rewarding; look for opportunities to interact in a positive way, this forum is one way, for me for sure…!

Thats it for now, wish you all the best


Thank you for sharing that. I like this post, it’s positive for me.

Anything art I like. I can get lost in that.

Walking…mixed feelings. I silently complain to myself about it till I am out there. at which point I all the sudden decide its not so bad, for no reason.
I think other people might be like this too.

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These are things I like and want to share:

  1. Yoga- If you are new to yoga, buy a beginning or gentle yoga DVD or app to start. If you are elderly, you might want to look into Chair yoga. Yoga has many healthful benefits and can keep you fit, limber and healthy for your whole life if you do it all your life. Yoga is for everybody not just for flexible people. In fact, it’s the stiff, inflexible people who need yoga the most and who gain the most benefit from it.

  2. Meditation- Not recommended if it tends to induce auditory or visual hallucinations. But, for people who are unaffected, it is a wonderful calming practice and is great for people who suffer from mood or anxiety disorders. There are many different types of meditation practices and there are many different meditation apps that can introduce you to the different styles and support you in your practice.

  3. Creative pursuits- Creative pursuits of any kind like playing a musical instrument, painting, drawing, sculpture, sewing, crocheting, cooking, writing, poetry, the list goes on and on, are great adjuncts to conventional medication therapy for mental illness. These are also great for stimulating the mind.

  4. Reading- I enjoy reading classic English and American literature. But any book or magazine that you enjoy is great for stimulating the mind and discouraging cognitive degeneration so often encountered in mental illness.

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I would to share my love of: drawing anime, drinking coffee, playing piano, going out and talking with friends , and making dinner.

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Hi , would like to work more on my studies , Maybe learning finance and accounting and also management and learning another language.

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nice post makes me think about getting a charcoal pencil. i used to really enjoy art therapy.

Thank u for this post. Yes social I interaction can be rewarding for me too.

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Very positive
I think as it said in some videos on youtube scizophrenia is not an illness
It is reversible illness all of us can achieve full recovery
And can achieve all of dreams and lead a happy life
Where is it
how is it ?
It is up to you


Definitely took me a long time to get into walking… I guess my dog helped

Thank you, great post

I tried yoga for a while but couldn’t get into it that much, I guess the teacher was not so good that might be part of the reason

Like your Apple Music I use an android app (and website) called RadioTunes. It has 90+ channels of different types of music and I use it just like you use Apple.

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saynow where did you hear schizophrenia is a reversible illness and all achieve recovery? that is not accurate one of the mods showed the percentages one day and it wasn’t a 100% recovery rate. that would be nice but it isn’t realistic.

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I like Apple Music and I’ve been listening to it a bunch recently.

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I love dogs. unfortunately I can t have have one right now.

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