Things have heated up in our house

So since October last year I’ve been taking care of my sisters dog Monday to Friday.

I am now working two days a week and can’t have him as much. I told my mum and sister I don’t mind having him twice a week. But not everyday.

They have got angry and said wel don’t bother having him at all. As though this dog is my responsibility. Not to mention I’m looking after my mums cat while she works cause he is sick.

I feel this is unfair on me. Why should they be my responsibility I don’t mind having the dog twice a week. Just not everyday.

If your working full time. Don’t get a dog. Cause it just ends up being someone else’s responsibility


that’s really unfair of them to get mad at you. You have a right to decide how you spend your time.


It’s not your dog so it’s not your responsibility. They’re just upset they can’t use you anymore. You’ve stood up for yourself and offered your terms, and they’re used to getting their way with you. You need to have a life too. Good job being assertive and stating what you can do and sticking by it.


Why can’t the dog be on his own during the day? Lots of people have their dogs alone while they work. Just curious

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Don’t you have your own Pug to worry about? Why are they unloading their ■■■■ on you?

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last year i started saying no to things i REALLY didn’t want to do. I was given a hard time about it. I still get a hard time but it’s less.

that being said i still do a lot of stuff i’m not overly excited about. But i pick and choose stuff now.

It’s hard in the beginning. But they learn to accept and adjust to it.


especially if you live with them you have to pick and choose wisely


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