People have let me down. But my dogs

Have never let me down. Just thinking out loud.


Yeah no - I was like just staring into space and thought wow how much my dogs need me and how much I need them.

But yeah - Dogs are not everyone’s cup of tea =)

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No I like dogs. I don’t want one. I’ve had two dogs they were great. RIP


Aww. Yeah they are a lot of work too.

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People have let me down too. It is great that I have a cat who thrives on constant attention. Our Blue Heeler named Oliver is an awesome pupper. I love when I am sitting downstairs and he comes and rests his jaw in my lap.

Tell you the truth I trust our pets more than most people.

I sorta like people but sorta not. I don’t respect anyone who doesn’t respect me back.




I’m 101% with you on this.

I think sorta do sorta not is on point for me too.


I don’t necessarily hold grudges but if someone was a dick to me in the past and they want something or need my help I’d be inclined to require some form of compensation.

And a manipulative apology doesn’t cut it.


Seriously. I’m saving this quote.

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I can’t take care of animals, I can barely take care of myself now. Anyways my parents don’t want animals in their house. The only animals I ever had were when I was a kid, 2 fishes one killed the other then the other died, and a bird that my father forgot to feed when I was on vacation. The bird was dead when I came back from vacation.


They are alot of work. Definitely not for everyone. I tried having a fish and my sister had a bird. Both didn’t go so well and don’t really remember how they passed


Couldn’t figure out how to quote someone here.

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