Very angry right now

For the last three weeks since my girlfriend 's little sister got her puppy I now have 9 animals in our tiny apartment also caring for the two dogs in the basement. That’s 11 animals. Then today I got accused of being neglectful of the animals. I am trying my best and I promise you I have been caring for their animals in the best way possible.


By the way my partner is getting a job and she said we are moving next year when its warmer. She is driving now too. We have three times moved when it was cold never again. My partner said most likely a few of the animals will be coming with us.


If you’re having trouble taking care of so many animals, maybe you should get rid of some.

I hope you two can move next year to a much better place. Staying with in laws is not beneficial for your mental health and also for your dignity as a human being.


Only one of the animals is mine and that’s kaisei my bearded dragon the rest are my inlaws animals.

Every time I see a post from you I just pray it will be the good news that you and your sweetie are getting out of that living situation. I’ll continue to think good thoughts for you until then. Merry Christmas.


Thanks I know I can’t wait. She has had three job offers but most likely she will be going back to her old job since they offered the best pay and to start this weekend.

She said she is taking me to my appointments from now on so there’s that.


I cant share appartment with only my mother even (the two of us).

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