Thing to admit

I guess it really sucks to admit but the last month and a half ive ■■■■ myself in the house and completely found it ok to disregard the world, my fitness & health.
But!! Today. Was the first time in a month & 1/2 that i got out to the gym.

I feel great had plently of energy all day. And it was nice out. I vould feel fall coming in strong.

Im going to have to try to go to the gym every day for a few weeks. To make up for squandered time.

I need to go out and do my walks that ive been putting off. I have not got my steps in in probably 2 months.

Oh well. Gotta pick up where i left off.

I didnt do sh** for 2 months. YIKES!! LOL


Remember to not overdo it though. Gyming it every single day can backfire. I know it can be hard to stay motivated unless you go 110% and try not to lose momentum. Balance is a difficult thing to find ay.


Today i found i could only walk half a mile usually i walk at least a mile

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At least you went out and did it. I like to go on long walks when i am in the motion.

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I usually go 3-4x a week to the gym but last week I didn’t go as my friend was too tired from work. I rarely go alone as its harder, I need a gym buddy to motivate me. Though I go for 1h walks alone many times a week and on days I don’t I go shopping and walking with friends or family, in shopping malls and the park. I also get a black coffee or a redbull. Sometimes we play basketball and soccer in the park.


I only play half court especially soccer as its too much for my cardio, I should quit the vaping and lose more weight.


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