Hard to get started!

So had the whole week off exercise and have found it so hard to get back going. It’s 8 am here today and I’ve done my workout already. I just need to knuckle down and just do it but its so hard sometimes. I think I’ll just try and get in and get in done early in future so I can’t escape it and it gets done. So bloody hard though.


I totally get that. If I take one day off of exercising(even though my exercise probably isnt as intense as yours), I want to take 2, then 3. It’s a nasty temptation. I need to try harder myself.


My friend had to cancel his gym membership because he doesn’t have the money right now. We are supposed to be rooming together when he gets back from overseas in September. He’s probably going to have trouble too getting back into the workouts again after two months.

Ive started jogging for 20 minutes every day. Im after weight loss not muscle mass. Im hoping to get to around 30 to 40 minutes a day, then i should start seeing some real progress. So hard to stick to it and do it everyday though i hear ya. Im either all in or out. Every day or none at all.

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Yes! This is me to a T. I’m good if I get going it’s just those first steps to kick into gear are so hard.

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Yeah gotta make it so it becomes habitual.


Did 6033 steps so far today, its 7pm so can do more.


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