They were nice today

today was a day of major ass kissing. they convinced me to get in the pool instead of sitting outside of it stewing in the 90 degree weather. they said I need to be like one of the family. kay thinks its because without me her mom and dad would have had to do all the work. the plan is still to wait until kay gets her driver license then her getting a car and move to the same town that my pdoc and tdoc are in its a 20 minute drive away but her parents wont always expect her to drive that distance. then once she becomes a RN she wants to move to another state,


At least you have a good plan. I hope it all works out.

Anything has to be better than living with the people you describe.

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Maybe they’re getting scared you two might actually make it away.

How’s your foot? Yeah, you two need your dream.

@chordy its okay still hurts a lot. I was suppose to go to the orthopedic doctor when I came back from my parents but I didn’t since my main phone is suspended still. kay and I have high hopes, she may be starting a new job at a different nursing home.

that’s a positive post and positive plan for today…!!! cuz i was a bit felling bitter today…!!! good day for U though!!!:alien:

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