How did your day go?

I have had a good day.
Changed my eating habits, went for walks, relatives came over. we sat in the garden.

also I have gotten my MRI ear results and they are ok so now the next step might be vascular MRIs, woop woop.


My day is going good so far.


My benefits have been reduced as well because I am recovering. that is a good thing although initially I was disheartened.


Are you thinking of going back to work yet?

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No not yet. But it is in my plans :partying_face:


How have you been? :slight_smile: @anon98459728


A bit hungover, but good. I get to go see my parents tomorrow. Because the government are letting people living on there own have a support bubble, I can go visit my parents.


Just past 12 noon here, but the day is going well. Went for walkies (very slow, mind you), got some photos on my phone, a beef stew is bubbling away in the crockpot, and I’m on my second load of laundry. Not doing too badly for someone with a borked pacemaker!

Glad to hear you had a good day and that you’re doing so well @anon90843118.



Sounds like you’ve had a great day :slight_smile:

And Thankyou very much :slight_smile:

Good. Slow and but somewhat productive with my website. I’m turning it into a blog mainly about what I post here, but gets flagged and deleted. I’m looking for my own website so I can post whatever I want about my real, true experiences.

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It went pretty good. Did some work outside and went to the store for some pop. Was gonna sit outside but now I am going to take a nap instead.

Hope you get some answers from your mri.

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Enjoy your nap Skunky :blush:

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I’m folding laundry and then I’m going to work out for the first time in 2 months.

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I got the shopping. I woke up late but got there at 8:40am and there was no queue

After that I visited my parents for a coffee, then my nan for more coffee then home.

I spent much of the afternoon in my kitchen listening to music and smoking.

I went back to my parents for one beer, and I went with my mother for a dog walk which was nice as there was a cool breeze as we live near the sea.

I actually also spent 45 mins ironing a pile of washed clothes that had been building up for over 3 weeks. Yay me!

This eve is nearly over, as I will go into bed at 9pm ish and watch some netflix before I fall asleep

It went ok but i tend to cope better weekends, it probablly wont last

My day is going alright for today.

I just woke up, was up a couple of times, but for the most part I slept the day away

My days still going! Going well right now, though

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This is the first Sat in a little over a month when my husband didn’t have some manic type issues so it’s been peaceful and good. He got to a new doctor last week so I think that’s what changed things.

Not so good, I had diarrhea and I dirtied myself, my brothers laughed at me and called me a baby as usual. They threw a klinex box at me saying clean yourself while laughing. I don’t know how they knew, I cleaned the bathroom the best I can.