I was having a good day

Ever met a person who no matter how great of a day you are having will come along and ruin it? That’s my father in law. I asked for my phone back its been a week and a half and my father’s birthday is sunday. he said, “when I feel like it” that’s what he said when I asked for my phone. I was having such a good day with my doctor appointment finally over with and 8 weeks of the same meds i’m already on ordered because she wants to see how I am on them. I know I bitch a lot about these people but I can’t help they are ruining my life. kay and I finally have a game plan to get out of here its gonna take awhile but at least we have a plan.


Why did you give them your phone!!! When you get it back from them, keep it!

I didn’t have a choice in the matter it was either I give it to them or they shut it off. I need the phone for doctor appointments. I am thinking of getting my safelink phone back

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oh dear @cbbrown I am glad to hear you’re planning at least ! good luck on a soon exit !!


That is such a toxic environment! I sincerely hope that you and Kay find a place soon and that it’s at a comfortable distance from your in laws.


Good for you ccbrown. It’s great for you that you have a plan. It’s smart to have a plan. Once you get out of there those people won’t be worth your time to see or talk to.

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it’s gonna take some saving since kay wants to get her license and a car before we move

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