They tell you the same thing so you agree

Like a cow going to slaughter. Every bright light light destroyed by itself breathing in and shattering back.out

■■■■ off I just want peace

are you in to working for it a little bit? just let that thought go…

Maybe put your headphones on for a little but to give you a break

What are you saying?

@roxanna peace is possible with a little work. but it can’t be said on here. mostly He does it.

Have you ever tried an anxiety med?
I think if you go to your doctor and explain the hell you are experiencing one would be prescribed.

I’m on clonazepam. I took one earlier and feel better.

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That’s what I take, it’s a keeper.

The neighbors are going to have me killed because they think some guy saying I’m a snitch is true. I really want to ■■■■■■■ move. I’ve got my own problems. I hope I’m beautiful in my casket.

I don’t want her to see me in a casket. I’m her only child.

I have to leave instructions with her once before I’ve been killed. I’ve been harassed for eighteen years.

You are not going to be killed roxanna. You are hearing things that aren’t really there


Are you sure? You can tell a mind to shut up. They’re no good.

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No you just need to find a medication that works


I won’t be alive to adjust meds.

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