Peace V Anxiety

peace has cured my anxiety

Pills and meds help I can’t find peace on meds just a line in the sand…

I can’t find peace with anxiety. Whenever I’m finally at peace with myself and my surroundings my mind turns on me and goes right back to not being okay. Its like habit for my mind to be going and going and going and going. I don’t know. Anxiety meds would be a god send right now. Its hard staying sober with a mind like mine. Relief would be so nice…

@flameoftherhine, nice to see you still posting.

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Yo stiller… You gotta start reading or something… Bring yourself into another world in your mind.

People’s opinions don’t matter and the future will sort itself out. Especially if you are conservative to some small extent at least and keep your internal chemistry as regular as possible.


Nicely said. Sounds wonderful

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Someone once told me a book can serve the role of a best friend for an afternoon. Kind of how she rolled. She also told me I need to learn to be lonely… Take that with a grain of salt though… Not really my words.

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