They put things in my water

I was at this coffee place and i got a water and i finished it and noticed these brown specks at the bottom and now my stomach feels weird. Great. Now people are trying to ■■■■ with my food and water. Next people are gonna start taking things from my apartment. This ■■■■ just won’t stop will it. Maybe it could’ve been coffee grounds idk but still. I could see people doing ■■■■ like that to me. I know people are trying to ■■■■ with me. Food has been tasting off lately. Y does everyone want to screw with me all the time like that. Whats the end game

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This is a classic delusional symptom of sz. I really doubt people are doing things to your food and water. Try not to worry about it.


I always worry about people messing with my food and drink - I dont go eat out at restaurants.

Im always checking to see if the safety seal is broken on packaged foods that I buy.

Its probably all in my head, but I just dont trust people, who knows what they are capable of doing.

Dont worry, its just a delusion.

In my case its part OCD, part paranoia, part anxiety, and very little trust in others.

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They put fluoride and other healthy metals in the water…more like h2o1f4z and I just made that up


You’re going through a hard time. If a doctor prescribed medication for you, then I sure hope you’re taking it exactly like you’re supposed to. In regards to the brown specks, it might just have been a careless dishwasher who isn’t getting the cups clean enough. I don’t think it’s a plot to pick on you personally, it’s probably just a one-time thing and chances are it might happen one or two times more in the next thirty years of your life or it may not ever happen again to you.

Hey, I’m as paranoid as the next person but I think your schizophrenia symptoms are making you blow things out of proportion and the symptoms are also making you create problems where there are none. A common problem that happens to people with our disease is that we jump to conclusions too easily.

Your suffering is real, but it is caused by small incidents that most of us would ignore or take in stride. And in your defense, I will say that there’s a chance that people are really messing with you. It’s entirely possible but not probable. People mess with me occasionally. Yeah, your disease is acting up, I hope you have a doctor and therapist to talk to.

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Im taking my meds and thanks that helped. I probably am and i forgot about it now but in the moment it really had me freaking out. Y would anyone do that? Could people be that cruel to ■■■■ with us like that?

just a note about Fluoride, a lot of cities put too much in the water, and too much fluoride in your body can lead to a number of problems, it has been accused of causing autism when a pregnant woman drinks too much tap water, or brushes her teeth with a fluoride based toothpaste too often. The town I lived in before also put small amounts of chlorine in the water to disinfect, so the water from the faucet tasted like pool water…now I have a well that uses a 15 stage filter and adds no chemicals to the water.


My Dad was a kid living in a city that was getting bombed by WW1. He knew first had how cruel people can be. So, was he uptight and did he have issues? Yes, man, he did.