It taste funny

i’m not sure where to post this, but I noticed I find water to taste funny. It tastes like dirt. I can drink anything else but water. The voices don’t help, they make outrageous claims like they got the water from the river. or another water main broke and they ground water is leaking in and they just didn’t tell anyone this time. Doesn’t matter if its tap or bottled water they all taste funny.

It’s a very common symptom with schizophrenia that people experience tastes differently. My girlfriend just had issues with that not long ago.

What did your girlfriend do about it?

She pretty much rode it out, I think it was a part of some breakthrough symptoms she was going though. She seems to be doing much better now.

That’s good, I’ve noticed other things taste funny. But the water was the big one since my doctor wants me to drink more water everyday and less coffee and soda.

it’s hard for me to drink water too because i think there is nano technology in it sometimes. i just drink it anyway because i know it’s good for me.

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