They make it look so easy

The two things that I still struggle with that other people make look so easy is cooking and laundry.

I put the laundry in the dryer, then in the washer and then I get confused as to why it’s wet. I’m getting a little better. I also forget to separate the colors and I didn’t know wool sweaters would shrink that much in the dryer.

Cooking, I get really forgetful about what comes first. The whole process is exhausting. Planning, prep work, cooking it and cleaning up the kitchen after… Whew… There is no such thing as a 10 minute meal.

I’m getting better about that too. I have help. I want to do this and learn how to better take care of myself.

After my bad psychosis I had forgotten how to cook. In sweden there are easy recepies to follow, they are made for kids. There are pictures of what you need to prepare with and then step by step instructions to how to cook the food. That helped me a lot. I trained my brain to memorize the recepies.

Practice makes perfect. Put up notes on the wall near the washer and dryer saying which clothes go where, if that helps. A cheat sheet. Cooking… You just listed the steps!! You got it! Maybe you and your sister can cook together until you get the hang of it. I have a hard time doing it but I’m pretty good.

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Oh, now I remember. There is also a cook book for ppl with autism/asperger’s. They are made in the same way. Step by step, easy instructions in what order to do everything. Check if you have something similar in USA. It could be very helpful. :slight_smile:

When I was having a hard time cooking before, I read on a memory impairment site an easy tip to cook again.
Put all the ingredients on a large cookie tray to the left of your mixing bowl, and once you use the item you needed, you place the no longer needed item on a second empty cookie tray to the right. You can easily tell if you have already used the item or not.

I love all these ideas. Thank you all. I never learned how to cook in the very first place and for years the kid sis has been cooking for me. But it’s time to start to get this skill and learn how to take care of myself.

Thank you all so much. I looked on our library web site for kids cook books with short descriptions and pics. I found a few and put a hold on them. :smiley:

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Salad may be an easier item to make. You can tell my looking in the salad bowl what you have already added. I taught my son how to use the timer on the oven. I was worried about him leaving things for to long so now he sets the timer. He doesn’t have to remember how long because it will go off and remind him. He now makes things like pizza and beef patties.

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That is so cool that he’s learning how to cook and starting to help out with that.

I feel silly in saying that I didn’t know there was a timer on the oven. I’ll have to find where that is. I’m really nervous about leaving burners on so I know I’m safe there. I know I won’t walk away with a burner on.

Thank you for that piece of the puzzle.

I didn’t start cooking until I was about 41 or 42. When I was renting a room in this ladies house, one of my housemates was very social and he used to get two or three of us other housemates together and we would all contribute some kind of food and we would all eat together. It was kind of neat actually. None of us knew each other, we were all just renting rooms in a 6 bedroom house but almost everybody was friendly. Later on their was plenty of drama with police being called and people arrested.But these meals were nice. Anyway, he used to cook stuff and he influenced me to start cooking. I was on the Atkins diet and I needed variety when I ate. I was self-taught. I got a hold of some Atkins cookbooks and I started making omelets and soup and meat dishes. I’m a pretty good cook now. I’m not afraid to try new recipes and I have some favorites that I can whip up easily after making them 4 or 5 times. It’s not hard to follow recipes. Just pick a recipe and read it over thoroughly a few times to get an idea of what it entails. Yeah, I like to prep everything before I start cooking. Cut up vegetables, meat etc. I put everything in bowls and dump it in when needed. Personally I like to cleanup as I go along. I wash, mixing bowls, utensils, cutting board. Because when you’re cooking there is usually time in between steps i.e.ten minutes while something browns. Or 5 minutes when something needs to come to a boil etc. I always figure that if you can read, then you can cook.

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By the way, not all ovens have timers. But you can buy one at Target, or Walmart. or Kohls for under ten dollars. I bought mine 7 years ago and it still works fine. Great investment. And I use it for a dozen or so other things besides cooking. I set it for my laundry or if I am resting before I need to leave the house for an appointment.


77nick77 That would be nice having a meal like that once in a while. It sounds like you were in a good house, while it lasted.
I remember you saying you were good with omelets and soup. That is sort of what started me thinking. Plus one of your post you told me is; If I wanted to make my kid sis happy, learn to start fending for myself and doing things on my own. (I needed that, thank you)

It was on the old forum you did a quick post about an omelet you whipped up in just a few minutes after work. I was reading that wishing I could do that. I’ve been trying. I’m getting better. Still need some practice. But it’s not burned anymore.

I’m getting better with soup. My kid sis is all about veggie stew in the slow cooker and soup. Even with everything she’s battling with the anorexia, she does like noodles and will try and eat if noodles are involved. However, noodle omelets are not good. Or at least, not the way I make them.

Lol. I’ve never heard of a noodle omelet. Now get some chili and cheddar cheese and you got yourself a great omelet. Or an omelet with salsa, avocado, and pepper jack cheese.

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I haven’t got that far with my son yet, he still is struggling with his room, i got him to take the garbage out the other day, as i came back from the parking lot i noticed there was a dog food bag (im the only person on that row with large dogs, and it says large breed on bag lol) but he forgot it there, i have notes or “reminders” posted everywhere, he is now in the grove to bring dishes back to sink when he is finished, 1 time i swear i had no cups lol, i also dont worry about colors when doing the wash as my dad say " its a community wash" i posted in different highlighted notes step 1 2 3 for the washer, he tried it once and forgot about it.


i had very few clothes when i was 21 don’t have many now , i mean one of each !
my wife did the laundry for the first time she managed to turn all my clothes pink, like i needed an even lower self esteem ! even as a bloke i knew to not mix whites with colours !
take care

I need to learn how to cook, there is going to be a time during my life, that i will be living alone

My son’s room is a mess lol. He does his laundry about 2-5 days after he has run out of clean socks and underwear. I got him more for Christmas which may not be such a good idea… When he does take out garbage for me he tries to see how far he can throw it. Misses, bag breaks open… I’m impressed when he brings out his dirty dishes from his room. Sometimes when I’m picking up the garbage in his room he will help. I will ask him to help make up his bed. I will fold his laundry and tell him I’ve done my part so he can put it away. I think it depends on how much his thoughts are racing if he can remember what to do.

I have turned cloths pink on more then one occasion. I shrink so many things. My husband will joke if he buys a shirt that is a little big that it’s ok it will fit after I wash it.


It sounds like you might want to double bag for a while and move the can further away so he has to walk further to the curb. I don’t always make my bed because no one is going to see it. I clean the bathroom because I used to do that as part of my normal job. The kid sis is actually a bit funny about loading the dishwasher. She has a very specific way it all has to fit together.

I can’t tell if my kid sister’s room is a mess or just really cluttered by all the little steampunk machines in there. Her steampunk friends can make some pretty cool clocks and other odd things.

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i do the same with his laundry i always hope they make it to the drawers, sometimes some do. its all just trying to find what works and continue working on the positive strengths, i caught him last night trying to (and this freaked me out) trying to warm something up on a frying pan wrapped in paper, i told him no it will burn, he said no trust me, thankfully i was talking to his dad about him visiting and i had his dad explain that no its not a good idea. sometimes i find when someone other than myself has a point hes more in tune to listen, it has to be true if not only mom says so. :slight_smile:


I’m sorry to say it, but yes. There were some topics in my house that I just didn’t trust my parents on. It’s that old cry… “Well, you have to say that, your a parent.”

There were times I’m sure that if my Mom said something I’d doubt her, yet if an Uncle said the exact same thing I’d nod and agree. I thought it was only me and my SZ that does this but my brothers and even my kid sis will doubt our parents on stuff.

My Mom is a science teacher so students and fire potential don’t phase her at all anymore… since there are also 100 fire extinguishers in the house. I don’t know what I was doing in the kitchen back then, but Mom did say, “That is going to catch fire.” I for some reason didn’t believer her. It caught fire.

She was very calm as she put it out with only a little blast of the extinguisher and then said it like one of her student lectures… I still remember it… “Heat, + oil + accelerant = combustion => burn unit. Now you know”