Cooking can be easy

So I’m going to celebrate Christmas three times.Once on the actual day, once at my moms house and once at my sisters house. At my sisters house my step-mom will be there. My mom is a little bitter about how my step-mom came into the picture 25 years ago so our family has to celebrate separately. But about ten years ago I learned how to cook. I have made anything from chili to soup to burritos. I love cooking for myself. I just made salsa for the first time about two months ago. It was as good as store-bought. But I have a sweet tooth so I love making desserts. I can whip up some custard easily. I was into rice pudding last year., I made it all the time. That was easy too. A couple years a ago I started baking cookies around the holidays. Just to give to neighbors or family. But for anyone who likes fudge I found some EASY recipes that you can make in the microwave. Some of them have only there or four ingredients and they would be hard to mess up. I found a website with nothing but Christmas fudge recipes. That’s what I’m bringing for Christmas.


first thing i ever cooked was a gingerbread last night and i gave a loaf to my family it was pretty good but i could have made it begtter if i just mixed it a bit more.

i think its a great thing you are doing cooking for people, i’d like to try some fudge myself i love fudge and i’ll bet my nephews might like some too x

I like to cook as well. We are having Christmas over our house as usual, and different family members are bringing over home made dishes. I’ll be making baked ziti for the kids. I hope they will like it.

I’m really good at eating out of cans.

a lot of my lack of cooking is motivation. some days I can cook others I just have a sandwich. I suffer from migraines all the time and when ive got one I cant get out of bed let alone cook a meal. although just recently ive been looking up recipies on the web so ill b trying some out soon. tomorrow, if I don’t have a migraine ill be making a chicken and mushroom pie…nom nom.

That’s my main problem. The rehab team that sees me has me trying a few recipes. I’m better if there are not too many steps involved and having to time a lot of different things. The last thing i made was quick quiche.

4 eggs

1 pack of back bacon

1 sheet of readymade puff pastry




Cut onion into small pieces

Cut pepper into small pieces

Cut bacon into small pieces

Grate the cheese

Fry the bacon in a non stick frying pan and add onion

and pepper once bacon is cooked. Once cooked leave

in pan but take off the heat

Preheat oven to 220/ gas mark 7

Butter cupcake tins

Roll out puff pastry and use a biscuit cutter to make circles.

Line cupcake tins with the pastry circles. Press pastry down

and to the sides so that it covers the bottom and sides to the rim

Place a little bit of the bacon, onion and pepper mixture into each cupcake.

Place little bit of grated cheese on top

Beat the eggs in a jug and pour it to just under rim of each cupcake

Bake for approx 10 minutes


I have to smile, I’ve been facing a the kitchen with an urge to try something. I’m still unsure of all of this… So I run away, log in and this is the post I see. :smiley:

We’re you thinking about me and sending a shout out of encouragement? I’ll write out what I want to do, ask the sis for a bit of help and go back and face the kitchen.

Hope you enjoy the dinners. The fudge sounds good too.

Could you post the recipes please?

my sister made chutney for EVERYONE this year it better be good I spent 8 pounds on hers.

Yeah, with a little help you have a good chance of doing it. And the next step is solo. Pick easy recipes at first. Just find an easy recipe read it over a few times to get an idea of the procedure, make sure you have all the pots and pans it calls for. And utensils and everything it calls for. There are millions of recipes online. If you don’t have the pots and pans a recipe calls for keep searching for a recipe that you have what it requires.So, to sum it up. Find an recipe that’s easy, that you have equipment for, and you have the ingredients. get all the ingredients from the store if you don’t have them on hand. OR… simply find a recipe that you already have all the ingredients for in your house. Just so you know, surprised, if you are looking at a recipe in a book or online, the ingredients are always (or at least 99% of the time) listed in the order that they go into whatever you’re cooking. I do stuff to make the recipe easier. After reading it a few times over, I assemble (as much as is practical depending on my open counter space) all the tools and pots and pans and tsp’s and tbls’s I will need.Then if it’s a vegetable dish, I cut up the vegetables and put them in just regular bowls.That way when the recipe says add some chopped onion, I have it right there and I simply dump it in. Same with the rest of the ingredients.Before I even start cooking I have all the ingredients measured out in bowls right in front of me. I have for example. 3/4 cup of milk measured out. I have (examples) three bowls of vegetables, a 1/2 cup of butter. A peeled potato. Everybody learns what works best for themselves but I find being organized motivates me to cook more and try new recipes. I find that it’s harder to cook something and then have to stop at each ingredient and cut it as you go along. If everything is prepped than doing the actual cooking goes smoother. it flows better and guarantees you put everything in on time. My sister and my mom are great cooks. But one thing I do that I never see them do when I watch them is I wash whatever utensils, measuring cups, bowls, pots etc. as I go along. I don’t like a sink full of dirty dishes crowding me. It’s just a personal preference.These are just tips. As you cook more you can do what’s best for YOU and what you are comfortable with.

Here you go firemonkey.

Example: 3 minute (three ingredient) cook it in the microwave, homemade, goodness, fudge.

here’s the recipe:
2 packages (11.5 or 12 oz package) of choc chips (1 milk chocolate, 1 dark or semi sweet chocolate)
1 can of sweetened condensed milk (14 or 16 oz)
3 tables spoons of butter

combine all three ingredients in a microwaveable bowl.
microwave on high for 3 minutes.
stir everything up.

pour into a 9 by 13 pan (for thinner fudge) or a 9 by 9 pan for the thicker version shown above.

Thanks for that…

I love your attitude!!! So positive. You go!