Cooking... I think I've got it

So my sunday adventure is indoors today.

I’ve boiled up a huge box of pasta. I’ve grated a huge block of cheese, I already cooked the mushrooms. The sauce is from a jar… too bad but oh well. But I’ve added some extra spices.

I’m getting ready to fry a chicken breast and then add it all together a little later.

I’ve even made chi tea and it’s chilling down and if it stays clear outside, I think dinner on the beach is going to be my Sunday adventure.

I’ve had no help at all and I’ve been cleaning the kitchen as I go. I’m pretty pleased with myself over this. No burners left on, no kitchen fire, nothing burned yet, nothing boiled over. I’ve got lettuce and dressing, and cheese and tomato and fresh peas… I think I’ll add a salad. :blush:

I’ve been wanting to get better at this for so long.


You one upped me there, a box of Kraft Mac and cheese is difficult enough for me


Yeah cooking is pretty simple. Just gotta get quality ingredients and a feel for how long everything takes to cook. There is nothing to fear but fear itself.


Thank’s for that. I’ve been trying to get a handle on this skill for a while. I want to be able to look after myself better.

I’m saving up $$$$ for this cookbook.


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Hey surprised, most microwaves oven have timers and so do lots of stoves. But if yours doesn’t you may want to invest in a little portable kitchen timer. It can help if you have a big problem with burning stuff. They run about $7.00-$12.00. You can set them for hours, minutes, or seconds. Takes the guesswork out of knowing when something your cooking is done.
Sounds like your getting the hang of cooking.
What about garlic bread?

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That does sound good. I’ve got the bread, my sis makes sourdough from scratch. I’ve got the crushed garlic, and I’ve got the butter.

I did pick up a timer when I read your last post about cooking. We don’t have a microwave in this place. The stove is nice, but it’s gas and no timer. So your hint has helped me already.

My sis cooks like our Grandma did. Fast and furious. She can put huge meals together in a tiny amount of time. But I look at the pantry and I’m frozen. My sis keeps it stocked with lots of “basics”. But when I look at it, I have no idea where to start or what to do.

My sis just looks around at what we’ve got and can just, “throw something together” She never seems at a loss for ideas.

I’m pretty proud of myself for getting an idea and following it through. Your right, the Garlic bread is the finish. I should get some ice cream.

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What time is dinner? I’m starving. All I have at home is some flaming hot cheetos. Should I bring them?


Well, it’s just a quick plane trip. Maybe you could bring some olives and something to drink.


Hmmm let me look…I got kosher pickles and a ginger beer(non alcoholic naturally). And hmmmm it’s only one hour from Portland by commercial flight then not much for Seattle.
Don’t worry surprised J, we just got some chicken and will pick up some more vegetables for some homemade stir fry. Your dinner is safe from pirates!
Enjoy and congratulations on fixing dinner!


I understand how you feel. :blush:
The area I’ve been working on for so long to improve is social experiences such as getting used to public transport, going to places like restraunts, cafes, cinemas, concerts, art exhibitions, etc. and learning social skills. These days, little by little, I’ve began to feel satisfied with this area of my life.
It’s gratifying to know that we are improving, isn’t it?


Good for you! I’m glad you are getting your feet wet in the kitchen.


Cooking is my zen!

I made chocolate chip cookies last night. I also made bruschetta and attempted merengue cookies (big fat fail).

How did you make the chai?


Congrats J! You’re light years ahead of me in the cooking department lol. I don’t know how to make anything on the stove except for grilled cheese. I use the microwave for everything else.

Keep it up! You might find a hidden talent in cooking!




Hopefully you’ve found something you enjoy and can go back too.
I personally love cooking. Before I got really sick my goals were to open up my own bakery. The kitchen is my happy place. I’ve taken over 20 different cooking/baking classes from at least 4 different schools. I’ll toot my own horn here and say I think I’m pretty good. My favorite thing is baking bread. and then eating it. So much fun.

I am stiltrying to figure out why my son won`t cook? That timer might be the clue…

I `ll be there in 5 hours! Congrats!

Can I catch a ride with you?

**Anytime! But I have to fly! :wink: **

OK, I’ll even give you the seat closest to the window.

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