Finding it hard to keep on top of things

i am finding it hard to keep on top of things, i am very lucky i have my friend but its still a struggle. i think if i was on my own all the time i couldn’t do it or i would be living in squalor, just getting something to eat or getting a hair cut is really hard even when the shops are so close to me

anyone else

Same with me but living on my own kinda forces me to do it eventually when I get hungry enough or whatever.

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same, its like survival, just wish i felt better about it though, i put things off to the last minute and i keep saying to myself ‘i need to do this’ ‘i need to do that’ gets me down

lol I’ve been saying I need to wash the dishes for like a week now and there they still sit. :stuck_out_tongue: At least I got my trash taken out before now though.

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Try standing on the side of things, or under them :smile:
It’s hard for me too. Just keep fighting it and do it anyway, in time it gets easier to get things done.

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my friend helped me with that but i still struggle getting food and making dinner, i want to enjoy these things but its really hard,

i have a slow cooker and i want to try making new things in it but i think i need help, can’t be that hard to make curry, the sauce must just be a blend of herbs and spices mixed with some sort of thickening agent idk, i haven’t got the power to look up recipes and follow cooking instructions though,

i tell myself 'i’ll do this or i’ll do that but it never gets done,

I’ve made butter chicken curry before. It’s really easy and tastes really good. I just ordered some Patak’s butter chicken sauce online and browned the chicken and cooked whatever else goes into it. Heated it in the sauce and it was really good and really fast and easy.


that sounds nice and simple, maybe its just me but i feel like something is holding me back like a big lead weight on my leg or something :confused:

i am hoping to expand my culinary skills though, idk how but hope is a strong word

need to take out the rubbish soon and then i need to phone to get the bin men to lift my food waste,
and i need to phone the repairs team bc they didn’t finish my bathroom and the toilet isn’t as good :confused:

and i can’t be bothered moving

I read on some science website that studies seemed to indicate people with schizophrenia have a problem evaluating effort vs. reward where we tend to go too heavy on the former and too light on the latter. It’s funny though how cats are masters of it and do it instantly with everything they think of doing.

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its always a big effort though, we put so much effort in but maybe it is all just mental, maybe its just a mental ball and chain that we are dragging along, along with sz and meds and all the rest and its stopping us from doing things or we take a log time to do things

Well it doesn’t help a negative symptom of our illness is lack of energy. All the things like this literally make it where we have to put like 10x more effort in for anything than people who don’t have this.

That’s it? I always like to try new recipes. Thank you.

I’m an instant gratification kind of person all the way. I don’t want to put in much effort for no reward. If I do something for say, two days, and I don’t think it’s getting me anywhere, I will stop. Unless it takes no effort, if there’s no reward evident, I lose interest almost instantly.

I’ve also been called “impatient.”

Kinda the same here, I work, with health issues so tired at the end of the day, I get to the point I just don’t care about things.

I actually have problems staying focused. I notice I didn’t a year ago. It’s bizarre. I could focus for many hours on end when I had to. Now I’m lucky if I can manage to stay focused for 10 minutes.

All I seem to do is chat on Facebook, send and receive emails, play mobile apps and games, go out to eat, browse like a ton of websites, talk on the phone, respond to some Facebook posts, and then do all of that over and over again until the day has been completely wasted. And then I do it again the next day and then the next. It’s as effortless to me as breathing. I feel great. I’m energized, but if I keep acting like this I’m not going to be able to do anything more than survive, because I make all of my extra money by working, and I haven’t worked or gotten paid in weeks. My bank account is close to nil, and I owe money to the gym.

Nothing lasts forever though, with me.

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