They make it look so easy


J your mom is becoming my idol :smile:

About a month ago my son decided he wanted to make candy apples. Didn’t work out so well. A messy kitchen and apples that couldn’t be eaten. I thought for sure he was going to ruin my frying pan but luckily it all came off.
The deep fryer was worrying me for a bit. I don’t like them but he wanted to make onion rings so I got one. I’m glad he pretty much ate himself sick of them. Only wants to use it every once in awhile now and I’m usually home when he does. He knows to unplug it right away as long as he is thinking clearly.

Dealing with the mom doesn’t know what she is talking about can be hard. Especially when it comes to addiction. I find it ironic that I can give advice here on the forums or on my tumblr and get good feedback yet can’t convince my son that I have a clue. I guess it comes down to whether the person is open to or asking for the advice. Also because I’m mom, my son thinks I’m being over protective and worrying to much. I try to wait until he asks me before I voice my opinions now. Or say things like: This is what I think… When it comes to medications and such I let his nurse know what is going on and get him to talk to my son about how they work.


He’s 19 corret? He’s already taking an interest in learning this? I wish I would have started learning my way around a kitchen long before my 28th year of life. Good for him. There’s a 45 year old non-sz guy in my building who I used to smoke with and he can’t cook a thing either.

I’m glad your there to help him with any mishaps, and unplugging stuff. The fact that he’s willing to try this is very cool. :thumbsup:


I fear it like that with everything. My sis as you know also teaches swim lessons as part of the job. She says there are two teachers there who are the top drawer, the ones that outshine. They have their own kids too, and both of these amazing teachers both said that of all the kids they have taught, they could never successfully teach their own. You would think with my Mom being a Science and Math teacher I would have listened to her when I was trying to learn geometry. NO. I guess it’s just human nature.


Cooking: For me motivation is a problem. Especially since i’ve been on my own. It’s the ‘why bother just for me’ syndrome. When my wife was alive and ill then i had someone else to think of. Been doing cooking with the rehab team. I’m ok when they’re there but it hasn’t really translated to increased cooking in their absence.
One difficulty i have is planning and organising The simpler the recipe in terms of timings and pots/dishes used, the better. Another thing i 'm not good at is peeling potatoes- so i’m not keen on potato based dishes for that reason.

Laundry: I have no idea how to use all the settings and no longer have the instruction book. I don’t separate on colour/white, type of fabric. It all goes in at 30/40c .


As much as my son doesn’t want to take medications, the difference in what he can do with or without them can not be overlooked. I’m so thankful that second generation medications do not have the side affects that first generation ones do. Without being stable on what appears right now to be a good combination then I would not be able to teach him these things. Granted he isn’t smoking marijuana daily like he was before coming back to live with me. 8 months ago he could barely make juice. Now he asks me to show him how to do things. I have taught him how to make tea, coffee (the other day he learned how to make perked coffee), salad, onion rings, beef patties, frozen pizza and even an omelet. My husband taught him how to make milkshakes. He can warm up things in the microwave. I nicely tell him that I’m his mom not his servant and that he can do these things for himself but that I will help if he needs help. Then I calmly clean up the messes that he makes doing it lol.


Just an idea but why don’t you try youtube for some cooking ideas, tips, People cook meals and upload a video of there every step… Just an idea but if you want to learn what goes in the oven first it might work for you :smile:

Or look at some webpages, they also give step by step instrustions, if you can print them off then tick off what you have done and you’ll always know whats to be done next …


That thought didn’t even cross my mind. Wow. Thank you for that.


I do okay on laundry but I plan don’t cook but once in a blue moon. It makes such a mess. I pick up meals when I go out. That helps because then I have a reason to leave the house and I don’t keep too much food in the house. With food in the house I raid the frig while medicated. Yuck! I do occasional pick pup remade food I can zap.



Homemade soup is great. I have never managed to mess up this recipie. I just take a big pot, put in a few cans of plain chicken broth and dice up all my favourite veggies and throw them in. If you have leftover meat even diced hamburger patties go good in there. Add a little oregano and some garlic powder. I make a huge pot and really load it with veggies. They sell little machines that will chop the veggies for you. I freeze the leftovers in baggies for later.