They don't believe me

my mother in law and partner did all our laundry that was piled up in the closet. they said they dd about 16 loads of laundry. now we have all this clean clothes and no where to put them and now they don’t believe when i say i need help putting it away. i cleaned out two dressers that had a bunch of clothes that we never wore or didn’t fit. but anyway my partner can’t help me until tomorrow when she is off work. i just know my father in law is going to come over and yell at me about all the clothes piled up everywhere.

sorry =( just take it easy. 99.9% of in laws are - the same

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When you and your partner finally move out, it will be like the parting of the Red Sea.

Do it!


She wants a car first so she can get back and forth to work without relying on others

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