Got yelled at by in laws again

they saw the apartment and noticed it was messy. I’ve been trying to clean it but its been difficult for me to do it and not get overwhelmed. I just don’t know what to do. they want me to try harder and say i’m just using my illness as an excuse.

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I feel very sorry for you. You are not lazy.
You are a kind hearted person.

Do they pay your rent? If not, let them complain. It is your house and your rules.


I have to agree with @metime that it’s your home and none of their business.

In any other landlord-renter situation, your landlord couldn’t even enter your apartment without your permission, let alone provide unsolicited comments about your housekeeping.

now they are saying the kitchen looks nasty because my partner just puts her dirty dishes in the sink and doesn’t rinse them out and put them in the dish washer. but I get all the blame for the apartment look disheveled.

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