They changed my dna results

They now say I’m more Tuscany than Germany, So Buon Giorno and Ciao. Going back further than the last 500 years, which is mostly british, irish, Scottish.


Interesting,who was that with ?

National Geographic genome project.

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I only did the less detailed version 1 of that.

Northern European




Southwest Asian


Native American


From there I uploaded the raw data to Family tree DNA .

I doubt it is that they changed it, it is just these things are wholly inaccurate and if you go to different companies they will tell you different things.

I’m 41% Northern European, 39% Mediterranean, 20% Southwest Asian. But they used to say my 1st reference point was Germany, then they changed it to Tuscany. It has to do with the algorithm they use. My percentages are closer to Germany, but the algorithm says I’m closer to Tuscany, now.

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I guess their algorithm changed, or something. They used to say I was mostly German.


My first was German and second English .

Yeah they changed mine too. When I first got the results they said I was stuff I had never heard of. The updated results are more on tract from what I know about my ancestry.

My family has been in America since the 1600s. My last name is English. My Moms maiden name is Scottish. That’s all I know.

My results from Ancestry DNA changed too. I now have some British in me that I didn’t have before.

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