My Ancestry DNA results were updated

64% England and Northwest Europe, 24% Scottish, 10% Germanic Europe, 2% Northern Italy.

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Do you know who is more accurate; Ancestry or My Heritage? They have some common results, but some are quite different.

It’s hard to tell.

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I know definitely Portuguese, Irish, Spanish and of course British

Primarily though through my upbringing has been Catholic (No Surprises there)

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Looking at My heritage-medium matches.

12 of those from Norway are 100% Scandinavian. Only one from Sweden is, and none from Denmark.

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I read a review. It said Ancestry DNA test has a lot more genetic information to base their results on.

I received a 23 and Me hereditary kit for Christmas.

I’ll let you guys know the results when I get it.


I’m entertaining the possibility I have some Dutch ancestry. I have 5 cousin matches,at Ancestry DNA, that have Thomas (Van) Swearigen as an ancestor.

Thomas’s father came from the Netherlands…Then moved to Maryland. His mother was born Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France


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