So I got my DNA tested through

Here are the results 26 percent Italian or greek 23 percent great Britain 19 percent Scandinavian 16percent Irish and 12 percent western Europe 3 percent eastern European and 1 percent Asia west which is like countries in either Iran Iraq or syria it is interesting to note that Italian or Greek was the last thing I was expecting it to be. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. This is the first I have ever heard of us being Italian or Greek. They give a list of people who have also submitted DNA that you are related to. It looks like it is coming from my dad’s mom side. Her parent’s last names are not anything close to being Italian or Greek. In fact no one in my family tree has an Italian or Greek last name. I can only speculate what went on here. Maybe she was adopted? Maybe children resulted from an affair? Also nobody was ever Catholic all protestant . I may try to see if I can find any adoption records or birth certificate for her. By the way my grandmother is long gone. She was born in 1917 died in 1993. Anybody that would know anything is long gone. My dad was totally surprised by the results as well.

Please don’t go looking for trouble, because a lot of innocent folks can get hurt in the process when you speculate things like this. Just the implications of this can generate very bad feelings, even if no one comes out and says them.

Reread about the results, and understand that this stuff can get very complicated very fast, and it’s rarely as dramatic as it’s first thought to be.

Anyone that would know anything is dead. I am trying to find out for my father.

I don’t understand how that would cause trouble? Maybe I missed something. I think it would be pretty interesting.

I know that original Indians (from Asia ) are pretty dark so it’s possible that a lot of people in India are mixed. Would be interesting to know a bit of history. ( as in for me would be interesting to see )

What are you trying to find out for your father?
You’d be wise to have your father tested too.

knowing your lineage is great, I helped my mom tonight on her computer look up more things for her genealogy, which I got her started doing back in 2003. She traced her line back to the 14th century.

The trouble I’m referring to comes when folks start to find new information that conflicts with their beliefs, and they go on “search” for “the truth” that ends up revealing things either better left alone.

Things like this,

and worse,

This usually brings a lot of hurt feeling, especially when it’s not true.

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Because my dad never knew we were Italian or Greek. I think it’s unfair to him. He is 73 years old and just found out.

Both my grandmothers last names changed when they came here. One side the official who documented it spelled it wrong. The other side changed to a more american sounding pronunciation and spelling.

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Women historically would change their last names perhaps that was a reason ?

Oh boy…you both might want to read up some more on this stuff before you get too upset.

Admixture tests from Ancestry etc seem to be good at distinguishing European from Asian from African etc ,but it gets much more problematic when distinguishing at a country level.
I recommend you upload your raw data to Gedmatch . Click on Admixture heritage and check out the various tests on offer. You may, or may not, notice a pattern. Eurogenes K13 and 15 are reckoned by many to be good for those with European ancestry, but check others too.

I’m half-Greek on my moms side. During the 80’s I was usually half-drunk.