These antidepressants

I feel like these antidepressants are helping with my positive symptoms? Is that possible?

Its like pouring fuel on fire. Need to control positive symptoms before attempting to manage depressive states otherwise it just amplifies positive symptoms.

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I meant like it’s helping get rid of my positive symptoms… or at least it seems that way so far @pr21

May be you not have positive symptoms. It might be instead due to depression, OCD, anger etc.

I mean you can experience psychosis from depression can’t you? I’ll have to google it… @pr21

Yes depression can cause severe anxiety which can appear like paranoia and yes it can appear like psychosis.

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Did you have positive symptoms like hallucination?

Yes I did hallucinate @pr21 but on google it says you can have psychotic depression and it lists hallucinations and delusions as symptoms

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Yes may be you have psychotic depression.

Hmmm… maybe, I guess time will tell @pr21

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The antidepressants used to cause me psychosis and mania Wellbutrin was the first med I ever tried it caused me mania and psychosis. but ever since I tried combining them with antipsychotics and more sedating drugs, they help my psychosis a bit!!!

I only require a small dose though. I tend to hate side effects of anti depressants so I take a tiny dose of lexapro only.

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I’d tell your dr because psychotic depression is a thing.

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Maybe the antidepressant reduced your stress? Stress can exacerbate positive symptoms.

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Oh what dosage of lexapro are you on? I’m also on lexapro!

True that… maybe it did reduce my stress, I think the antidepressants I’m on also have anti-anxiety properties

I split the 5 mg pill into quarters. Literally next to nothing.