Antidepressants help with schizophrenia positive symptoms?

As it is theorizied that increasing serotonin with antidepressants lowers dopamine that actually is a flare up culprit for delusions and hallucinations. Have you experienced better positive symptoms with adding an antidepressant? Because I have! Risperidone + eecitalopram combo really helped by lot. Now on haloperidol and trintellix and feeling that it really enhances my haloperidol

Do you have a source to back up these claims??

I just watched youtube video about antidepressant emotional blunting - increases serotonin and lowers dopamine. But it might be double edged sword cause it might worsen the negatives

No. Not on Prozac, Effexor, or Wellbutrin. No difference.

p.s. Effexor sucks booty.

I hear so many people saying this. I take the derivative, Pristiq, and it’s the only thing that’s helped my anxiety. It doesn’t do a damn thing for my depression, though.

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Antidepressants just induced mania in me, and are probably part of what helped make me suicidal.

SSRI antidepressants either made me manic, violent, psychotic, or suicidal. I can tolerate SNRIs and MAOIs, but they don’t take care of my depression, only my anxiety. (And right now, they’re not doing a lot of good for that, either.)

A psychotropic medication can affect different people differently. I knew a guy who could take any amount of Stellazine, and it did nothing to him. A very small dose of that makes me very miserable and unresponsive to my environment. Just a little Trazodone puts some people into a deep sleep for 20 hours. It took 4500 mg of that stuff, and it had very little effect on me. There are guidelines for how med’s are supposed to be used, but there is also a certain amount of trial and error in it too.

I think antidepressants can change your mindset. Which may in turn lead to less paranoia. But I don’t think it actually treats positive symptoms or else every doctor would prescribe them.

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