There's something kinda special between a father and a daughter


on the other hand

there’s something kinda evil between a daughter and a mother


I didnt like my father very much. I cherish my mother though


my father was beaten as a child with a belt

so was Phil

I think it leaves traces.


I never got along with either parent much.


I always looked up to my father, or well kinda still do. But it’s different from when growing up.


Fathers are in most cases the ‘good cop’ in the family dynamic with little girls. The man feels like a bully if he punishes the daughter. At least that’s the case for me.

And mothers can be overbearing with girls…not wanting them to make the same mistakes they did while growing up.

I’m so happy I had girls. They’re artsy, musical and care-free like me. :slight_smile:


Mrs. Squirrel and Squirrelette get along just fine.


will she be fine with watching grandbabies

my mother wanted to be paid for it.


When one of my girls was a toddler and out of control, I gave her three light whacks on her diaper and sent her to bed.

I needed therapy for a month after that. lol!



She tried running out in the street.

She was two years old. I guess she wanted freedom.


I read that the one day of the year that the Phone Companies make the most money is…drum roll…Father’s day!

I assume it is all of the Daddy’s little girls of the world phoning home (collect) to wish their pappy all of the best on that day.


yeah, and the biggest on Mother’s Day is restaurants

or maybe flowers.


My father left when I was 11, he was addicted to crack. I still have that inner child that wants to be a daddys girl


in some traits, I go for the guy that’s like my dad

I’m not so much a feminist that I don’t love that.


I knew my dad before the drugs, jail, homelessness. He would do crafts and he was really good at math. Unfortunately I think he has untreated bipolar. When he left, the balance in the house was off. I worried all the time about him cause he would always talk about suicide


did you go opposite, or did you struggle with addiction?


nope I didn’t struggle, my mom did but will be sober 11 years this summer. It’s in my genes but I couldn’t stand seeing both my parents so messed up, like they were lifeless and I was helpless worrying all night. I could have easily went down that path, but I chose not to because I never wanted a substance controlling me, and when I was a “rebellious teenager” it was shortlived because at that time my mom got sober and was able to stop me from drinking by catching, and grounding me


my belief is that addiction is a disease, and might be coupled with mental illness

but some people do recover from it. Yah, to your mom.


Anyone who is still paying long distance in this day and age is cognitively challenged. Skype, Viber, or some other form of VOIP.


I suppose I read that Phone Company statistic quite a few years ago.