Being a Daddy's girl doesn't mean you love your daddy

It means he’s got you trained to act like you love him.

Many kids gravitate towards one parent more than the other during different seasons of life. There are countless influences. They include:
-who is home more
-shared interests
-relationships with siblings
And the list goes on!

Don’t forget social needs. There’s a lot of self threatening social neediness to my father and of course children are in that category too. As adults we’re supposed to outgrow the neediness. Doesn’t always happen.

My kids actually love their father. We didn’t train them i to anything except to be themselves.


I’ve heard a mother warn her 4 year old daughter to stay away from her husband with “You know how I feel about your father, don’t you?” The society of the family is not always mellow.

No, it isn’t always like that. It isn’t the norm.

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Loving your dad is a good thing.


If you do love him, yes. But trying to tell the heart how to beat is lying. My father said he loved us, that he wanted a happy family, etc. He just forget that he couldn’t let go of his sadistic powers to hurt himself and his “loved ones”. He came across as being insincere if you could get your distance from him enough to know it.

sounds like your just bitter tbh,

my dad was amazing and if i had a daughter i’d treat her like a princess

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