There's something kinda special between a father and a daughter

oh no, if you travel

you pay

I got a 400 dollar bill for calling my friend Jay so much

when I was down in Florida visiting my dad.

sorry, happy thoughts, the subject of this just made me cry, but I let my emotions take over… onto the conversation!

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I’m so sorry

every situation is different

please don’t cry

keep good memories.

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I always tell my daughters that they might have to kiss a few frogs before they find their Prince.

They laugh, but it’s my soft way of preparing them for the real world.

I used to tell that to my daughter too, her first job cleaning with me at the glass factory

“Cinderelly, Cinderelly…the prince is gonna come Beth.”

And he did!


It’s hard to keep good memories but that’s ok, it’s been years. My therapist said I can find other people in my life that can be like a father, but I don’t really understand that.

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I found a good guy :slightly_smiling_face:


You sound like a really sweet person…strong and heartfelt. Despite being dealt a lousy hand, you’ve resolved to do better.

Good for you! And I’m glad you’ve found a decent guy to settle down with. :slight_smile:


:purple_heart: 15151515

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My own Dad is all business like Spock from Star Trek…stoic and reserved. Mom is pure creativity, like Mary Poppins.

It’s no wonder I got so screwed up. My whole life I wasn’t sure if I should open my own Accounting Business, or write a Musical score!

But seriously, my big regret is that I didn’t get into writing for Advertising when I was younger. I bet I would have flourished in that market.

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I kind see that with my sister and my father, they always have a special bond

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I bet you would have too, Patrick

cuz you’re creative, and spunky.

you parents sound great. Mine were divorced

but hey, I had a step dad who was pretty cool.

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I was close to my dad before he got sick. It started when I was 6. His moods became out of whack and unpredictable. He was constantly abusing my mom. He wasn’t as fun anymore. He would still walk us to the bus stop until I was in the 5th grade then he stopped. He smoked and drank more smoked a lot of pot. He got diagnosed with copd when I was 19 I remember crying and hugging him because they said he didn’t have cancer.

He helped us buy food when I lost my job after I got sick. My mom and brother were very upset about it. I love my dad but he blames my partner for my illness even though he shares the same illness

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