There's lying

Scared into lying - that’s me, all of the time. No wonder I’m unsure of myself. It’s a weakness.

Chordy how is the day today…Are u satisfied with the election result…!!! I am naive at it…!!!

Compulsive lying is a defense mechanism. Mostly gained by needing to survive in your own family. Is all this venting on line helping much? Seems you’d be better off talking to someone who can help you move on more.

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I don’t have an addiction to lying, I have one to full on acting. I think I’d make a pretty good actor because I hide my intense emotions like a chameleon. Even laughing while I’m in the suffering. Don’t know how I do it. But it does make the frustration build and build.

Chameleons actually use their color change to mostly express emotions punk out predators and for attracting mates…very little camo going on with them…this is why the color spectrum they can change into has such vibrant blues and reds and other ridiculous colours…their base color of green is actually the most camo but requires none of the wonderful color changing to achieve…

It 's a bummer already. The election will be as it will be. I’m more upset about getting the little one off to school and the provider yelling at her husband. But things calm down so I’ll be ok. Thank you for asking.

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