Liars and addiction

I tell you I don’t like liars. You don’t have to lie to break my trust. I think they are low. It turns out a lot of addicts are liars. Of course they are.

Lots of people have different definition of what a liar is. It’s hard to tell if someone is lying to your face. But then again they are just fibbers. You forgive them and move on. Some people don’t forgive.

Of course they are…

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I have a question my bf and I disagree on. Is not telling the whole story lying? He says it is because you are purposely omitting facts, I say it isn’t.

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I’d say anytime relevant facts are omitted and that effects an action or a decision, then in it’s purest form, that would be lying. But we are human, and I am guilty of not telling everyone everything. I am guilty of trying to spare feelings and I am guilty of trying to not upset my brother when I’m going to be home too late.

I know I put extra emphasis on the positive stuff and down play or even omit the negative, and that might also lead to a misrepresentation of the situation.


What if he is worried that u will lie about ur whereabouts and who u are around? When u omit information that is relevant it leaves it up to the bf to imagine what you are really doing. So yeah its kind of like lying.

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There’s a name for it.“Lying by omission.”

i tell the truth, but i have to admit people don’t ’ want ’ or ’ like ’ the truth.
take care


drugs and alcohol make good people do bad things.

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Thanks for putting it in perspective you guys. I thought I was helping him by not telling all that is going on, to spare him the awful details. I’m scared of sharing too much and him leaving, so I keep most of it to myself.

That is a very natural reaction. What are you sparing him from? My brother tries to spare me from his illness. But that will make me worry more when he tries to hide symptoms from me.

I TRY to spare my brother from some of the details of my life, especially if I think they will upset him. But my brother can sense a hole in a story faster then anyone. Now that he’s more energetic, he’s more curious and he pays attention. There is no getting around him.

So lately I just have to come clean and hope for the least amount of reaction. He’s been coming clean a bit more about what he feels and how he feels. It just took some work setting some boundaries so that we could come clean with each other and not cause panic or drama.

We had outside help with setting the boundaries.

It’s unlikely that he will leave you because you gave too much info. We All Make That Mistake from time to time. And we forgive each other for it.

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