Am i just a dirty Liar

I cannot stop lying about stuff. Even if its mundane i bullsh*t lately.
Is it the Sz? I honestly cant help it and have said it before my brain kicks in. Any thoughts?

That sucks donkey nads that you a compulsive liar.

Honestly cant help it at times. Maybe im just an A-hole :frowning:

Maybe its my personality disorder? I always regret it afterwards. Anyone else have a problem with lying to there family/friends?

I know a guy here that did that, most people knew everything he said was not true, but he walked around thinking people believed him. In the end it was the downfall of the business he ran and he had to leave the country when the tax dept caught up to him.

What you should think about is people know when they are being told lies, most times they will not say anything, but it really makes a person look bad and people eventually want nothing to do with the person


Yeah - i know it sounds bad, but i sorta believe the lies at the time. I think im covering up for my losses and insecurities. If i lie i wont get “found out” and wont be looked less upon. I bloody swear its not intentional. I just hate it lately. I get scared about what people think about me probably -so embellish to make myself look better?

Ive never lied on here @anon20318121 ! I sorta feel safe on this forum. I read your posts always with interest! x

People will be more accepting and helpful if you tell the truth, sure there are things that are better off left unsaid, but in the end lies will make you look worse

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Take a shower and half your problem will be solved.

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