There is something inside us

A great darkness. A super self that is as much the world as we see it as it is a part of our brain. A hollow chamber. For some it is a peace. For others it bares voices and other hallucinations.

As much of a challenge as it is, you can change yourself. But the even greater challenge is to affect this chamber.

We are intelligent. Our minds are even moreso. All of this sz ■■■■ is concocted by the intelligence within us that is not tied to the physical self or sensory.

Disassociated with reality, it had the room to take whatever form it pleases…

The beast behind sz…


It… Almost… Makes me look down on those who haven’t seen this. The potential of the mind.

Perhaps they don’t have it.

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Everyone dreams though…

From whenst is that construed?

Schiz is real all right. I think people hallucinate far less than they realise , I am of the opinion that the brains interpretation of real and accurate stimuli becomes so skewed that a person believes they are hallucinating.

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It’s ‘free’ consciousness that’s no longer constrained by the bounds of common sense. This is both enabling experiences that normally do not occur. It is also disabling action that normally does occur, but presupposes the rules of common sense. Such is how positive and negative symptoms of sz are logically related.


Exactly. Free consciousness

Good words.

Makes you reconsider the value of ‘freedom’ though… Roughly, there have been two traditions of thinking about freedom. One says to be free is to not encounter any obstacles, or to be unconstrained. The other says to be free is to be able to act in a way to achieve certain purposes. A psychotic consciousness is free in the former way but not very much so in the latter, since it has lost touch with the tacit rules one has to follow to achieve those goals in the world that is given to us.

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It’s oddly persistent.

Like a programmed machine.

I by no means consider it alive.

I have alien hallucinations/delusions, religious, organized crime related reoccurring weirdness. What’s the difference between me and a sane person? My experiences and/or perceptions? Why is there a relative majority of szs with an IQ in the 140 “realm” where normies (in the US anyway) are around 100?

If you can prove the majority of schizos have above average intelligence, please show me the numbers. @lagoonlovely

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One sec I will look for it. Relative to sane people they do.

Hey don’t discount your own suffering and intellect…well spoken though.

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I can’t find it but basically it was an article that concluded there were more szs around 140 then healthy people.

what like a soul?

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My point being is not to cast some sort of superiority and encourage a med free lifestyle. I’m simply trying to point out that dis crediting ones experiences based on some sort of democracy of perceptions is false.
Am I wrong to say that imagination aside are not szs psychosis similarly themed? We don’t know enough about mental illness to hypothesis if our experiences are factual or not.

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Yes, I wrote a book on that subject.

I sent you the link.

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There’s a burger inside me now that I ate today :blush:


I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately…what that darkness is…to me it’s deeply disturbing to think about. It’s all beyond me. Glad someone put it into words…was going to make a post about it myself at some point most likely.

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