There is someone in the house that surveillance isn't picking up

They’re in my room and they want me dead cause they know I know what I am now. I’ll be out of their control soon and that worries them

I’m sorry to tell you this, but you are unstable…there is no one in your room and you sound very dangerous right now…please see your pdoc as soon as possible…

Haha I see them later today but I might not make it that long.
I will if I can sleep but that is evading me right now because I can’t shut anything off. It’s all just going and going and someone is waiting for me to do something stupid

Please be honest with your pdoc about this…you might need hospital.

Man, you need med’s, and probably hospitalization. It would be better for you to volunteer rather than wait until you completely lose touch with reality, and get hospitalized then.


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