I keep thinking the idiots upstairs said they’re going to kill me. Probably have some one else idk

I have not been feeling good for the past few days. I’m taking my meds.

I wonder who they’re going to get to kill me.

Yeah sounds a bit like it. I’m sorry you think it but honestly I wouldn’t know what my neighbours are even up too. From what I’ve found is that most people are just about themselves and I’m sure your not even on their radar. Unless your acting out and yelling back they wouldn’t even know you or what your about.

I know you struggle with these sorts of thoughts but it’s sounds more paranoid than real.

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you are delusional…thank goodness you’re lucid enough to know it…keep taking your meds and tell your pdoc please.

Well I went outside no one was out there. I’m just going to ignore them and go on with my business.


That’s the spirit.

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