Why is this happening to me?

I have a person from my group after me this morning and the worse might be happening. And I don’t want* to see these things and wish for privacy. Where can my friend and I be safe? I don’t want the police of all people after me but wish for their help.

Why do you think they are after you, @see121? What happened? You must be very frightened if you are thinking about getting the police involved.

Thanks, I heard someone swearing yesterday saying to hire their cousin and kill someone while I was at group. He was a facilitator there. I thought it was directed to me even though I didn’t do anything to him. It feels terrible to think that someone wants you dead.

I don’t mean to downplay or belittle your concerns, but it sounds like this could be a delusion or a coincidence. Is there any way you can talk to the counselor or your pdoc about it? How are you doing on you meds? Are you in group because you are just out of the hospital?

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