There is no way out

The human is weak and he cant recover from schizophrenia so he needs to keep taking that medications until they finally invent a new drug that will heal you i watched a youtube video about that you have to continue taking ap until the doctor tells you to stop but its been a long time since i havent seen the doctor. will they finally invent a new drug that will heal me and make me superman .


There is no cure for schizophrenia and we schizophrenics would be urged to take our anti-psychotic medication for our remaining lives.


Chicken & ham are good sources of protein. Lifting weights would utilize that protein when muscle regeneration occurs.

I am very conciouss. i am guided all the time. they dont let me make mistakes. gotta be grateful. it is a desease as it can all impairments but it don’t work like that for me. i don’t like to talk to my pdoc much because he is all into this suffering vibe. There is no suffering here. i came in piece with my desease. we are one now not a separate thing. i like it and i welcome it.

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It’s a disease but we’re still here. We get the privilege of being alive. That isn’t something to take for granted.

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We will lose our entertainment value when we are healed.


cure is within. i dont want to cure mine. keeps me on point.

Seems like your expectation of drug development may be a little high.

would you trust it they did invent that,
or require surgery?

there’s talk of doing this for the flu,
one shot for life.
hmmm, idk.

There is hope. If you follow all directions from your doctor, complete therapy, and learn your brain’s cues. Also, if you gain good insight.

I’ve been off APs for a little over a year now. I do have a little trouble with delusions, but reality checking puts those to bed. Logic is your friend.

My therapist wants me to graduate from therapy and have my primary doctor prescribe my antidepressants. I’m a little scared to drop that crutch. Because the symptoms can come back any time without warning.

Can you slowly decrease the frequency of your visits to see how you do? Like, if you go weekly try every other week, then later try once a month

Thats what we have done. I am on once a month now.

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I am satisified with the current medicine progress but the information about antipsychotics on the internet is not clearly shown to the public

My teachers always told me, commas belong where a person would normally breathe, in a sentence.

Reading your posts make me feel winded.

Wow. It sounds like you’re doing really well

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