Past recovery

This disease of schizophrenia for me is well past recovery

It has completely altered my reality to the point of no return

There is no recovery there is no cure

Gotta live with it upto the grave

Life is all bull crap


Sorry to hear you’re feeling that way. Schizophrenia is the shits isn’t it


I dont know what it is anymore…one minute my moms “crazy” but then the things she says makes sense…Im taking a psychology class to learn the history of behavioralism and how mental illnesses are diagnosed and treated–to better understand myself and my fam.


That’s a great idea @anon69073975 . I wonder if they would offer something similar at the University here in town


30 years fighting the disease

it spoiled my teens spoiled my youth spoiled my life

18 years of unemployment and none in sight in near future

what more needs to be spoiled? @Cragger @anon69073975

this is not life this is crap

there’s no recovery now, recover what, who will give me back my youth

i dont think i m improving

take care guys


so far I have not had to take any tests on the class. its a series of youtube videos. so its an easy beginners course because all you do is watch the videos.


Yes, there is no recovery and no cure. just live with the Sz.


Yes u r right @walterchang

There’s definitely recovery!

Don’t think much about cure, a quick fix!

We heal… we make progress. One step at a time. It counts no matter how small it is :blush:


Thx for the upbeat reply

But how can u recover what u have lost

U can only gain what’s left in the future

For eg how do I recover my youth?

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I don’t know about recovery. I mean I have improved given that I am no longer psychotic. But my level of functioning compared to before I was ill is extremely poor. I think a part of it is adjusting to the new ‘normal’ and maybe accepting your limitations. I wish I had a more optimistic view but I’m trying to be a realist.


Yes @Schwann thats the sad truth

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someone once told me you could change the past by changing how you think about it.


Yeah but are we just going to sit and rot?


Even if your cognitive function have been altered, we can still live and strive for a valued life worth living


If we keep fighting and try to achieve something that lets you in peace and comfort, isn’t that something to be optimistic for? You want somebody to write “lost to schizophrenia” on your grave when you die?


We all should keep fighting on @Abise

But what has been lost has been lost


You know in psychiatry, it has been proven that neurons and nerve cells can be obtained after your a grown up. Doesn’t that mean you can recover? Heal?

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I mean if our neurons can, then we can

I think my brain is pretty fried at this stage. I had a hell of a lot of ECT (not by choice), which didn’t help either. I think acceptance is a powerful thing and clinging to a hope of improvement which may never come might just lead to disappointment.