A Depressing and Hopeful Thing to Ponder

If schizophrenia literally involves damage to the brain then it is too late to do much more for myself then to take the best combination of pills. I have been hoping for a more enlightened cure but once part of the brain is gone that’s it. You can’t replace it. There is hope from the science of the brain regarding plasticity although my advanced age makes that less likely. Obviously that is what my therapy is working on to the extent it can still occur. I am happy to report that I have a new drug in the mix that is controlling my appetite and reducing cravings and I have lost weight. However I am aware that I tend to be a yo-yo dieter and although I hope the change is permanent I realize that the effects of my meds have worn off before. I have interestingly found that the best ways to stay out of the Psych Ward is to follow the rules, and keep busy and it’s been 5 months since my last visit. Going to see my therapist is sometimes almost like a reunion because the Crisis Center is upstairs and the people from there sometimes talk to me. I may go there again but I’m in no hurry and will do so if I absolutely need to. I’m glad the help is there however for those with mental illness and drug addiction because they really are trying to help us. My main hope is that they catch the disease sooner in future generations of my family so stricken or someday catch the potential before future generations are born. Having an apartment of my own and seeing how difficult it is to live on Medicaid has made me realize that my Mom was trying to protect me from a bad fate rather than trapping me at home. I also know now that a love life for me will be difficult to have and there’s a lot more to a relationship then sex. I plan to enjoy the upcoming holidays and I hope the rest of you do too.


good post. You sound very enlightened to what you need to do. Stay on your meds.

Very easy to understand your post, and what a good thought.

We hope this dream will come true!

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