The world of high IQ groups

As everyone knows I’m quite obsessed when it comes to such tests . It could be worse . I could be obsessed with dancing in the street naked .

Although obsessed I’m not big on bragging rights. There will always be those more or less clever than
me. I joined a high IQ FB group for a short while recently . If I’m obsessed those guys are mega obsessed . It’s very male dominated, and a hotbed of testosterone fuelled competitiveness , mixed in with splashes of misogyny about the supposed intellectual inferiority of women .
I hasten to add that not all are like that, but a fair number are .

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Being intelligent has no bearing on being a good person. Bad people come in all shapes and sizes.

Enjoying knowing where you stand is one thing, but I’ve seen too how groups like that can be. It always came off as a superiority game to me, bragging about test scores and numbers, trying to constantly outwit each other due to IMO an insecurity issue.

I admit I’ve bragged at times about my numbers, I was proud of them. But I’ve seen the darker side of what people try to do with those numbers, sometimes thinking it gives them the right to be a horrible human being.

I’ve never doubted you are a smart man, and you’ve never come across as a braggart or think less of others.

I’m wishing you well, you’re one of the good guys.


It was a real eye opener for me. As you rightly say it’s not intelligence that makes you a good or bad person . It’s what you choose to do with it , and how you behave towards others , that is the better judge of that.

I think there’s a lot to be said for practical life skills that are not down to book learning and the classroom . My stepdaughter has those in abundance .


I’d much rather be kind than intelligent.


In total agreement with you .


You’re kind AND intelligent. :+1:


Hooray :smiley: for @firemonkey!!!

If people are intelligent it’s bc their genetics and not something they got to chose therefore no need to be arrogant. I’m not super intelligent but I’m kinda smart but so was my mother and father. And so was my maternal grandmother. I didn’t pick it. It was given to me.

I may not even be intelligent. It could be I’m just educated. Idk. But my dad says that I place too much importance on intelligence so that I’m trying to change that.

Another thing. I promise you that I have a cousin that doesn’t come across as very intelligent but that girl is one of the most generous people I know and she can get a buggy full of groceries. Get to the check out with her coupons and sales items. The store ends up owing her money!!!

Another thing about my cousin: she treats everyone the same. She’ll talk to a high society person the same way she’ll talk to a homeless person. I’m proud of her for that.


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