I've gained about 20 Facebook 'friends' in the last few days

All of them very high IQ types . It stems from doing well on a test, and being invited to be listed on the Worldwide genius directory . I was upfront about my crappy non-verbal intelligence and still got put on the list .

Very few of them I would say would have requested to be friends without the ‘high’ IQ link . I 've accepted , but I think most of them will dump me when they find my FB posts are fairly mundane and not dripping with high powered intellectual comments and observations .

My observation of the FB group with highly intelligent people that I’m on is that they’re a strange blend of those who appear highly confident , but mentally self flagellate themselves if they only get 28/30 on a test .

They’re even more fixated on IQ tests than I am ,which is really saying something !! A good number of them are on antipsychotics . Certainly a higher % than you would get by doing a random survey of people .

As is typical of me I’ve gone from thinking I did well to get on the list to very much entertaining the possibility that I’m nothing more than an imposter ,and will soon be revealed as such .


That sounds pretty positive ! You deserve to be on that list !


Good for you @firemonkey!

“I wouldn’t want to be part of any Club that would have me for a member”

  • Groucho Marx



I know that feeling of thinking you’re an imposter when you see any kind of success. I can assure you you’re not one though. :slight_smile:

If anyone wants to try the test . There are some really intelligent people on this forum .

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I don’t do Facebook.

I tried it for a short spell and it started triggering delusions.

But I’ve always maintained that Facebook is the one place you can go to meet all of the people you’ve purposely ignored your whole life…all on one page!

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That test seems pretty intimidating. I might give it a try if I get bored later though, haha.

Interesting, tho i suck at geography type things. Its one of those, i dont go to the other countries so i dont know much about them type things. So ive already got at least 10 wrong lol

I had 800 FB friends before my SZ. I deleted most of them when I was psychotic, now I have 160 and I only talk to 3 of them.

Just had to unfriend one of them He was saying things like “I’m your lover” and posted what looked like a picture of funeral wreath before that . I got a creepy feeling about him .

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Oh wow. I’m glad you unfriended him. Good job getting on the list :slight_smile: you’re not an imposter. You passed the test just like anyone else.

The Marx brothers earlier films like “Duck soup” and a "A night at the opera " are classic comedies .

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tests are ok but i have nothing to prove, i’d rather do the ultimate test and just play along at this game called life :wink:

I gained about 20 Facebook friends too. They were 20 beautiful women. Now I have 20 viruses messing up my computer and scaring the Heck out of me.

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