The world is so cold its takeing me down

at work today i broke even, after i bought my self dinner, it wasn’t much but i didn’t have to cook , that left me broke as the sorry joke i’am, there is nothing i can do for long time in the way of work, my back is so screwed up i take two types of pain pills, and hate it. my x friend had her birthday party and i messed it. she messed me being there too. my son, baled out his roommate from a high bill, even if this ment going with out food this week. my roommate job ended today. and his next job starts in sept 7 , there hasn’t been a hole lot of money to get even light bulbs or Tp. my ride my truck needs 400. bucks this next month, just wish it was going today , my eye exzam went my gloc was ok for now, i feel i let a friend down, with a add i did, said it was to close , we never know sometime unless we are already there, and it sucks, schizophrenia that is, the pharm got me the wrong pill type again. and now i know how we get so mess up. and on and on.

Zen, sorry!


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life has it’s ups and downs…you are due for an ’ up ’ . :rainbow:
take care :alien:

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hugs zen hang in really sorry about your friend,if you were close talk to them explain ,if truely your friend they will understand,if not u tried best,time to cut them lose.we all need supportive best friend is online she is amazing,the sister i can never have we talk everyday,so many times she was online with me all night when things were at the worst.6 years of friendship she is my lifeline,my port in a storm.things are way better now.i try to look for the little things good things in life to hang onto when things seem bleak


I try not to give in daily. You give plenty TheGreatestDrZen. Those darn farms.

so sorry doctor zen…you have a really rough time I know. I complain about my own life but you make me feel bad for complaining. don’t work so hard and maybe a church will give you toilet paper and food?

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