Hi i am miserable today and how are you?


I am miserable today, looking under everything friendly to find it’s real truth – the ugly side, the hatred.

hatred is truth love is false in my life. that is my fate. everyone else can have love but me.

or so it seems…



I’m sorry you are having a bad day. Sending some love your way :heart:


I am feeling good, but a little tired, because I have not got any sleep yet, sometimes when I have nothing else to do I listen these podcasts, the History of English, which helps me to imrove my English, this site can be helpful for anybody who is interested in improving one’s English abilities…


I like the phrase :" Hi I am miserable today and how are you"
i think I am going to adopt it and check its guilt-tripping powers on my loved ones
I do hope that u r feeling better though


Dear Judy,

      I'm letting others do for me today.  

      Last Thursday I woke up with a broken back, and I'm fearful that if I fall now, I will get hurt worse.   That is, we had Winter storm, and it is slippery out there.



dark sith can be seen cutting out a flower and sending it in an envelope to ifeelblessed , hope this brightens your day .
take care


Sorry to hear that…I am doing ok. I went to class and went to the gym with a buddy, good stable stuff.

I know what you mean about feeling hatred…I used to hate myself a whole lot and I engaged in self harm a few times. It’s best to learn that it isn’t your fault for having schizophrenia, it made a big difference when I decided that it wasn’t my problem…I rationalize that my illness is the doctors’ problem, because I did all I could about it on my own.


Last couple of days, I was feeling less depressed - feeling pretty good. Today I crashed and burned. I swung into a deep depressive state and felt delusional. I go up on my Lamictal dose soon, hopefully it will work. Im keeping my eyes on this med closely. If it fizzes out on me, I will try another antidepressant type med. But not just yet.
I hope you have a better tomorrow Judy


Hi back, I feel empty and angry all day, it started last night and it continues, I hope it stops…I almost had a psychotic episode an hour ago, luckily I managed to control it.


i’m better than i have been in the past, i’m sorry you are feeling that way. I’m having paranoid thoughts about my in laws, but my partner keeps trying to convince me that they aren’t trying to tear us apart or anything like that but her dad is very negative about our relationship for several reasons.


Thanks to the polar vortex I watch TV from 7 AM-11 PM. :tv:


Everybody?? Not me. I’m resigned to it though.


Hey , Jayster, is your back literally broken? Or is it just not working?


I’m sorry to hear that one. I hope this is just a one off glitch and not a new constant thing. I’m glad your going to still give it some time and try something else too.



I will be hoping you can kick this soon. Did something happen recently?


Here’s an E-mail I sent out awhile ago:

I follow most of the links in Dr.Long’s thread on the economy on his Mental Health site. Recently, I read “The 19 Hard Things One Has to Do to Be Successful”.

When I woke on Thursday with back pain, I pushed through it and didn’t use it as a excuse not to clean my brother’s place. as he had asked me to do.

This is Saturday night. I’m just back from six hours at the ER. I had an X-ray, a CAT Scan, and an MRI. All I have is a fractured vertebrae at L 1. All I need is six to twelve weeks of rest. The pain is intense!

I interacted with a lot of wonderful folks in the ER, but some I would label a**holes.



Judy…, I appreciate your I statement. I hope you get things worked out to your liking one of these days.


Sorry to hear that Jayster, that sucks. Will it heal completely? As good as new?


hi judy. the thing u have to concentrate on is the love u get from here. on here, everybody is ur friend… everybody is in the same boat, either dealing with voices or paranoia or both so we r together on this, in here. ■■■■ everyone else hunni. although u have to figure out if it’s ur illness that prevents u from accepting love or something deeper. always, ur friend…jayne xxx


thank you Jayne. always your friend too. judy