The voices poll #2. ID not hidden

New and improved poll. Select all that apply. Answer as if you didn’t have meds.

  • Voices, loud and clear
  • Voices, muffled
  • Voices, heard on rare occasions
  • Voices, inside head
  • Voices, outside head
  • Voices, converse with
  • Voices, only hear
  • No voices

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For those that might have missed this…

I have had allll of those. The auditory ones outside my head are rare and I don’t get them often if at all but yeah it will just sound like someone saying something. Sometimes it’s clear sometimes it’s more like murmuring or whispering. These I just hear and don’t really have any other interaction with.

Then I also have voices in my head that are telepathic. They can be very clear or sound quite distant depending on how well I’m doing. These voices are definitely sentient and I can converse (or argue!!) with them.

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It’s good to know I covered the bases. If there are any other categories this poll should have please chime in

demons should be there


Well, if the “demons” have voices, its okay to say you hear voices.


They’re all considered voices. I’ve heard demons, friends, aliens, god, monsters, family members, lots of random people, on and on, I got a whole universe in my head. If you could only imagine :blush:

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I’ve had a variety of voices, a few named, and some unnamed, some sounded like aliens, some sounded like demons, and others like angels or gods. It’s funny because I may not be religious but that’s the only way I can describe what I heard off medicine, and heck, every now and again on them, I’ll hear random words spouted outside or inside my head that don’t belong to me but they don’t mean harm…they just kinda startle me.
I notice if it’s quiet then I tend to hear them, which is unfortunate because quietness is some times what I need to wind down.

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Kind of like Tourettes of the brain

For lack of better words, that’s essentially what it’s like.

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well what about good and bad voices


Got those too, but I think that would make a great survey on its own! :blush:

Last check of the night to see if I missed anything.

I got loud and clear voices well they aren’t that loud but they are loud enough that I hear everything they say, also they are outside head they always sound like they are coming from the vents wherever air is blowing


Feels like the Lost Tv show :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

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I began hearing the Dalai Lama when I was in the hospital and he is generally nicer than my other voices but last night he told me to take all of my meds then shoot myself. Then he told me to wait until sunrise (3:20am) and I fell asleep for 4 hours and when I woke up he said I should do suicide-by-cop instead. I texted my pdoc but don’t think she’s working today. I am concerned that option 2 would put bad karma on the police.

I hope you are doing okay @WhiteRaven. Dont listen to the voices.

Sorry @WhiteRaven please just chill and try distractions… everybody wants you alive

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My comment was “flagged” or hidden by the community (demos most likely inspired them to flag it). See how that works.

who are they? oh ■■■■

i feel immensely sad now

i might cry

suicidal thoughts

who flagged it and who is the community, does that mean that the whole community flaged our messages? how can they all have flagged it