The visit to my step daughter's

Not a success(my fault) step daughter could see how anxious i was and brought me back a day early. To cap it all ,being a fat lump, i broke the bed i was sleeping on.

Hey at least you went to see your step daughter - you tried, and I am sure she was glad to see you. Nothing in life is perfect, but at least you got to see her for a while too - My anxiety rules me, I did not make the perfect house guest at my brother and sister in laws house, but I was glad to go and pushed myself out of my comfort zone.
My psychiatrist said that I was a ‘perfectionist’ I expect things to go my way all of the time - but life is far from perfect. She is right

Step daughter and granddaughters were fine with me. I coped just about on Thursday and Friday, but i think the bed breaking on me in the middle of the night, and waking with a bad headache/migraine, triggered a downward spiral.
I briefly met one of my step daughters friends, she was ok with me.

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These things happen sometimes - it is out of our control. I hope you feel better soon @firemonkey but I do believe you accomplished something, even though it didn’t go as smoothly as you would have liked it to have gone, you got closer to family, and this is always a positive step

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Wooden beds can be tricky, who knows what kind of flaws were in it. I inherited my aunt’s iron bed and I prefer that kind. My parents broke a bed(and not in the good way) that was supposed to go to my uncle.

My dad ways 200 lbs + and he has stepped through the ceiling. You can even mention your experience next time as a joke. That’s what we do in my family, it helps to relieve the tension of a slightly embarrassing situation. In other words don’t worry about it. This kind of thing happens to people all the time.

I’m sorry you got a migraine. The visit sounds like it went ok. I understand the whole leaving early part. I used to sneak out in the middle of the night. LOL

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well done @firemonkey, i think you did great despite the bed :thumbsup:

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Yeah, the bed MIGHT have been accumulating damage for years already and you were just the straw that broke the camels back. I doubt that a bed isn’t damaged already is going to break from someone heavy sleeping in it for one night. So I don’t think it was entirely your fault, it was ready to go. I don’t think your visit was a total failure.


So everybody was fine with you, but the bed broke. They have a saying in Turkey (where I live): “God does not give two blessings in the same place or at the same time.” Something like that. It means we shouldn’t expect everything to be perfect so it takes the pressure off. (Personally I have never got pissed off about guests breaking, damaging, spilling things. If the bed broke I would be embarrassed that I’d put them in a bed like that.)

I mean, which is better - everybody is fine with you and the bed breaks, or the bed is fine and everybody is bad to you?

If you look at it like that, it was a huge success!


i break things all the time, go easy on yourself.
take care

It’s good that you visited your step daughter. She must be happy about this visit. The bed issue is just a little glitch and I agree with Nick that you were the last straw braking the camel’s back.


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Sorry to hear - sounds like the faulty bed caused a bad sleep and that increased your anxiety. It could happen to anyone - so I wouldn’t worry about it… Sleep deprivation increases the stress for anyone - and you can’t blame yourself for a faulty bed.

I’m really glad you went. I’m sorry the bed thing happened. I thought it was sort of touching that your step-daughter could probably tell you were uncomfortable and decided to bring you home so you’d feel better.

That sounded sort of nice of her. I hope you get to go again and spend time with her. It’s good you got to see that other people didn’t have a problem with you.

I hope you get more positive interaction like that. When you feel better I hope you and your step-daughter can e-mail and set up another visit. It would be her turn to be at your place.


don’t blame urself for breaking the bed hunni. the slats on a wooden bed are ridiculously thin and i have broken my bed, my son broke his when he was little so don’t worry too much about it. i’m sure ur step daughter really wanted to c u or she wouldn’t have invited u in the first place. the trip was not a disaster really. so u were out of ur comfort zone. with a little practice, i’m sure u would b more relaxed around ur family. i do hope u go again. xxx

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My husband and I broke a bed once while staying at a friends for the night. It happens :blush: