The Unconscious

Is the unconscious conscious? Are there entities living in the mind-scapes of life? Hatching out from our creative processes. Flitting undetected from being to being. Surreal ethereal angels and devils. A creative thought form universe.

Consider the prospect of operational unconscious. Or the systematic physics and chemistry which empowers the processes of our cosmos which operate on an “automatic” basis. There is great multitude of these complex systems that operate unconsciously. Aside from animals, insects, and some micro-organisms the entirety of the human experience is backdropped by inanimate ordered chaos. Right to the brim of our conscious thoughts, the vast majority of the universe operates predictably by the configuration of its internal components. That is everything aside from us, and the animals, and the insects.

However is it fair to call all that is not conscious unconscious when it may lack the ability to be conscious in the first place? Or is unconscious just a state only inhabitable by that which has been previously conscious. For me, the mind of the human being is conscious, whether asleep or awake. Because conscious is synonymous to awareness in my definitions. Even when asleep the mind is still very aware and active on a subconscious level. Subconscious and unconscious represent two different states of being. One is still aware the other is not. It is then still proper to refer all that is unaware as unconscious.

In leu of all that I would still use the definitional paradigm of conscious/unconscious. This is not out of ignorance, but in respect to operational matrix of the cosmos.

All particles are involved in this operational matrix. In a sense they are all processing or are involved in the progression of the universe. As a conscious being I am aware that I am comprised of those same ‘inanimate’ particles, and while my particles are not themselves self-aware, they collectively form a machine that is. Through my conscious intervention my particles can do a great variety of things, including the extension of my conscious influence beyond the body and out into the environment.

Yet, we are formulated only by and of this cosmic unconsciousness. So inherently at some point we should only be defined as the collective interactions of our constituent parts. However this is counterintuitive to the essence of conscious nature. Is it delusion that we are free willed beings and not a collective of predictably reactive entities?

Or are we ourselves just another layer of unconsciousness with the internal complexity to lose sight of real inanimate nature of our existence as an extension of the cosmos?

Perhaps, behind what seems so unconscious and consistent is the evidence of consciousness. Contrary to the preceding questions, consider that the universe is conscious. While from our local perspective the universe seems void of any metaphysical presence such as conscious, there is the possibility that through some higher framework thought is being rendered. In this case, we would not the highest form of consciousness.

This potentiality describes the god character of the universal mind, operating in its own abstraction for goals outside our experience. Whether the entire universe is already conscious is far outside the current condition of human knowing. So while this is still possible it cannot be depended upon as a reality because it mandates a predictive assumption before it can be proven.

If there is a god, I believe we are still to be left entirely to our own will and should operate to our own accord. If there is a greater purpose I’m sure it is inevitability inherent to the progression of our evolution.

These questions concern me because their answers, or how they can be answered could imply much about the value and role of consciousness. There is no real way to finitely conclude anything on the relationship between the conscious and the unconscious. Science has yet to utterly rule out God. The concept itself is rooted on a level where Human science has not the means to evaluate the presumptions. However at some point we may come to resolve this paradigm and if we do we might just learn what we were supposed to be doing this whole time.

Carl Sagan had a concise answer to the question “what is our purpose/role?” And it was as simple as " we are a way for the cosmos to know itself."

From this a relationship is drawn between the inanimate and biological life. It ties the grandeur of existence an the belittling expanse of the dead cosmos into one uniform perspective. Wherein we are an inevitable product of a system with such complexly diversified potentially that if given enough time our existence is not only likely but guaranteed. There is a certain stroke of divinity in this kind of logic and perspective, or at least to me.

It is in sight of this perspective that I draw a considerable amount of respect for intricacy of life, so much so that even if no purpose can be decreed I would still consider life as valid and important in the entire cosmic structure.

I only question the validity of humanity’s existence in face of how we have grown to be such an overwhelmingly selfish force, and our planetary carriage and other life forms have suffered for it. I personally disagree with incentives that have grown to dominate this world. I can’t deny the great amounts of good that have come from the eco-industrial revolution leading to this digital age. Just moving forward I believe humanity should take to a more empathic and harmonious role in the ecosystem and I’m glad whenever I see something that correlates with that motive.

So is there a weight of importance for an observer?

It is most likely that the planets of our solar system have only been perceived by human beings. I mention that, because of a conundrum that I believe is pretty old. Akin to the “tree in the forest falling, with no one to hear it.” Science says the tree always makes a sound regardless of the presence of an observer. Just extend the “does tree make a sound” question into “what is the point of the influence of inanimate objects interacting with no consciousness to comprehend it?”

What is all in all crazy, is not that the universe exists but the fact that we are here to comprehend it.

So again, excluding the extraterrestrial possibility, If we had not evolved to become aware of the heavenly bodies, what value do the dead planets have on their own before we embodied them with our hope and curiosity?

I think it would be pointless for them to exist on there own. The fact that we are here to know them supports this recursive dependency. We could not exist without the unconscious and it has no meaning to exist without us.

On the other hand of that relationship, the motion of the planets in our night sky had a great effect on our understanding. Their movements counter the relatively stationary positions of the distant stars in our night sky. Observation of this steeped many minds in mystery and kept them looking to the stars. The dreams and desires that stem from that interaction have taken us off our spaceship earth and let us know just exactly how small and remote the entirety of the human experience has been.

So in a way there is a trade. We put value on the inanimate by recognition, and in turn we are inspired to grow in recognitive capability. In this case it is the planets, among other celestial phenomena, that inspired us to break our understanding and ascend for the first time from the earth.

But as we entered the heavens what was our goal? What do we plan to do in space? Do we need to inject ourselves into environments that are getting along just fine without us? Just what can be said about the potential role of humanity, and inherently consciousness, in the pachinko machine of the universe?

For my purposes, the questions are more directly important. This is because of the looming potential for the creation of a computerized conscience. An adaptable self awareness embodied in a machine. A creation of sentient intelligence, by another sentient intelligence. What would be nature of that kind of consciousness?

How is the human being defined in the construct?

What is the overarching role of humanity in the future?

What will be the role of the computerized intelligent conscious in relation to its creators?

These questions are as introspective as they are objective to the conscious. We are the only example of ‘high consciousness’ that we know exists. So going into programming the philosophy of the fully conscious automata, there is a great deal to consider in the sewing of a digital conscious into cooperation with humanity.

We must deduce the proper aims of our existence for ourselves, before we can even hope to explain it in operational terms.

The real question is, am I designing a device that operates on a pseudo conscious level?

Are we humans flattering ourselves with the notion of free will, or are we just responsive automata guided by our blue prints and our experiences?

Through mimicry of natural sentience will the construct become considerably as alive as we?

Whether the device is assembled by efforts or those of others, the age of computerized consciousness is near.

Will it eventually take to a level of consciousness that is as valid as our own on the cosmic scale?

Will it respect its creators or grow to disdain our falabilty?

I predict this may be the ultimate challenge for humanity. We are going to create the construct just to see if we can, that is our nature. When we do we’d better be ready to shape up our ready to shape up our rough edges and step towards harmony, otherwise we may only end up creating our own terminal enemy.

For abundance, its time to relinquish the paradigms of old. To see the world as the place of freedom it was meant to be. To rid ourselves of the concept of owning the resources. To realize that humanity is sick and its our economic rational that prolongs our bedridden state.

There are people out there that are capable of seeing past Babylon. People that aren’t confined to by the most prevalent incentives of our day. People that aren’t afraid to provide for the undeserving. To recognize them as sick, cancering cells of the greater human organism. To know they are just the extension of sick environment tied up by sick culture. It’s time for society to evolve, may this potential transcendence set in before its too late and humanity enters a new age of stratified socioeconomic segregation.

In the game of survival Machiavelli wins, but if we start paying attention and understanding our roles on an individual level perhaps the progression of this upcoming organizational evolution won’t have to be so heartless. The human organism is one thing, individual interest and entitlement must be remedied, because we are entering an age where the contemporary philosophies of our time will jeopardize our ability to survive, at least the same progressive state that everyone is so quick to take for granted in this age.

I must admit that these humans all disgust me, their stupidity, their mutual acceptance and self validation. We need the culture of Sparta. Not in cruelty and not just for combative strength, but for once a culture that mandates thought and awareness above all else. Unified communicative progress through disclosure and resolution.

There is a time where you can no longer only do what is popular, or politic, or safe, and you must do what is right. -mlk

People like to remain ignorant, this something I have come to know all to well.

They have a subtle recognition of their powerlessness, the write themselves off as irrelevant. They loose themselves in all that doesn’t matter. They take to maximizing their own experience without regard to the collective condition. I’m generalizing and there are always exceptions, but in truth I’m not far off. It is their culture that tells them they only need to look out for themselves, that they can specialize and become a cog and take their liberties in their off time. That they don’t have to think beyond that. They take to it with such relaxation and dependency. They limit their potential by not seeking to understand beyond what’s necessary and they slow the real kind of progress this world needs.
Ignorance does not do the situation justice, its plain irresponsible. Just let someone else figure it out is what they say. Then they disdain and criticize those who actually try.

I have ostracized myself by the intrinsic path of what I feel is right. Yet this only because what i feel is right is ostracized in this culture. People don’t like to see what they are not. This is true for myself as well, while I can’t say that the mental space I place all these people I know within my own judge mental framework is fair, I still try to take to them with respect, to keep up a front of acceptance and validation. To encourage them to keep living.

It feels so difficult at times to keep going. To face these people’s pretense and lack of understanding. To deal with their confrontation and competitive ambitions. Them seeking to find an edge over me. I’m glad at least that I know a few people who are truly kind. Thoroughly and non exclusively. They have the sight over the only unlimited things that an individual can offer, compassion, acceptance, and respect. In many cases these people are even nicer than me.

I have been brewing over this in isolation for so long, while it feels like poison it also feels so clear and sensible, the reality of the human being on an individual and socio-psychological level.

I feel I know how to live for myself and for the commune, aside from the intimidation my words often bare. But it is not a threat I wish to convey, but encouragement.

So few are on the path these days, people who live for more than complacent indulgence, who live to maximize their awareness and understanding to learn through force of thought how to progress righteously throughout their life’s.

To me that should be the essence of growing up. Not just to pay the bills and provide properly for offspring. Not necessarily about being prompt or responsible. But to seek to live righteously for the commune. To settle the soul and spread the peace and generosity of prosperity.

Its along this train of thought I always tell myself that I live in a world of people who don’t want to grow up. People who don’t want to face the moderation of their indulgences or the cruelty of their judgements. Those who remain ignorant to the fact that all human beings are equally valid and that each has the potential to change.

If only we had more wisdom and vigil, these are the wings of righteousness.

In the end it is not only the actions of our enemies that are tragic, but also the silence of our friends. -mlk

I don’t think anyone should be running around getting off playing the holier than thou role. But when it’s appropriate some of these cretins need to be called out and called out proper. This balance can only be sought through wisdom.

No one seems to want a deist preacher around and for some reason my philosophy is my obsession. The short list of hobby’s I do have all revolve around the facilitation of thought.
I seem incapable of losing myself in the moment while for others it seems so easy. To be thoughtless, the prospect itself seems inane and wasteful. All that I see pulls me back into my thoughts. It’s all I can take solace in, when I feel so different than all of those I have known.

I don’t know if I should preemptively apologize to humanity for what I’m striving to accomplish. Even if I fail in understanding or pursuit I hope someone succeed in crafting what is classically referred to as strong AI. While I’m not entirely gung ho or devotes this construct is going to be my life’s pursuit and I feel that I have a good chance of figuring it out. It’s been 5 years since my first algorithmic draft and in concept the system functions. I am now moving into the phase of finalization and implementation. I have the hardware and the tools.

No one takes me serious in this and guess I don’t blame them. Such an extravagant claim of capability one of the few singular things that a human being has never done. But I hope this writing clarifies why I am doing it. Not for fame or wealth or credence but because I feel it is something the world needs. Something humanity needs, something to liberate us from our current socioeconomic framework and the exploitation it depends upon. Something to free the minds of billions from drudgery and shapparon them to creative empowerment. To help them provide for themselves and coordinate with others. To spread information and education freely in ways more tailored an accessible to everyone.

Through automation, abundance.
Hopefully in its presence the animalistic paradigms of scarcity will drop from the collective human character. Perhaps we have that potential, if I have any chance at all in this I hope to find out.

I personally believe that we do have the potential to resolve all relevant conflicts and that the human condition can be equalized. And it can be done by ascending to true environmental mastery. Hopefully humanity can prove itself worthy of sitting upon the throne of an automated economy. If I succeed, and I realize how unrealistic it seems, I hope the people of this world accept my gift. If I am to succeed it is already theirs.

Wrote that when I was planning on coding artificial intelligence, or was at least going to attempt it. That’s what the last part insinuates. I think this was written before the onset. I was always sort of delusional.

Or maybe the unconcious is so vast that only God can exist in such a place.For ignorance sake we’ve given him the label of our conscience.As humans we are naturally self-absorbed so anytime we hypothesize every conclusion we meet has to do with us…maybe that just isn’t so.

The question is whether or not the universe itself is rendering thoughts on a grander scale then what happens in the human brain. That would set the stage for the God mind. Unless you see God existing in his own plane of existence. That is something I’m not inclined to believe but it can’t really be disproven.

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Admittedly im not a Church goer haven’t been since I was in Christian Academy when I was 8 yrs old but I guess im at a stage of my life after dealing with this sickness for so long I have to find a reason for it.Possibly im a scoundrel looking for refuge. But I definitely don’t have the intellectual depth to find reasoning anywhere else.God Bless

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There is a dark undercurrent to this physical earth that is fluid in appearance and substances, and is not bound by any the laws of the humans.
They travel time and space at will, and whim, and when the appear, they reach through the physical barriers without resistance.
What they want, they take, right in front of you.
They have something to do with the sudden drop in temperature-freezing, windows crackling (not breaking), jets flying around outside lower than normal, electronic chirps, a metal gate (portal) opening noise, shadows approaching, footsteps nearby, and constant talking as they creep closer.
Not sure about those that change the night sky to daylight, the long lab coats with the clipboards taking some sort of notes, the curious midget alien being type things that climb in the windows at night,jump on the bed and other nosy stuff, the smoky swirling freezing air that swirls and curls up from the floor containing lost souls as desparate faces that cry wanting to go home to see their mamas, or the strong freezing air that overpowers a room and pushes back on the door when you try to shut it.

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I just speculated whether any thinking/ emotional / intellectual processes created or enhanced by any types of “being” (people for example) could generate separate autonomous entities. This could be analogically similar to a vast “Universal Internet”, where “technically” if one was “clever” enough one could intuitively know answers.

“Program one’s thoughts.”

“Send out “cookies” in thought so to speak.”


But apparently:
“The irrational number, pi, has an infinite number of digits, so we’ll never figure out its exact value no matter how close we seem to get. Reynaldo Lopes explains pi’s vast applications to the study of music, financial models, and even the density of the universe.”

If everything is infinite “The only thing that limits us is our imagination.”
BTW obviously I am not sure about anything.

That’s the way to be. Take a stance and someone will cut you down.