I met the universe, he says his name is "twinkle doom"

a mystical cartoon of sadness and understanding, “twinkle doom” goes tick tock in the wells and bells,

the plangent universe tells the time in mystical quarters - plangent universe shock time. tick tock on the universal clock, it goes tick tock in the wells and bells - the plangent universe’s waves of riches on circumstellar orbit. maybe we’re meant to be not an object but a wave, our orbit our virial radius from the sun, plentiful goodness radiating a storehouse of nutirients;

i think you’ll find, Tim, that every alphabet has a past, but only a century has a future.

in the cold sunshine of understanding the tulip of consciousness grows.

he met the mongoose of mystical understanding.

it’s metal bucket day - go get a metal bucket and bring water to the tree on the front lawn, the one james says belongs to the city and is dying and is unwanted because it doesn’t produce fruit. (when’s wan wu honeycomb day?)

a walk among the ghosts with wizardly talent,
starring me as the sandman of mystical cultivation;

ya gotta have salt - salt and dinner consciousness, to weigh ya down like a balloon with lead.

sun and moon - do you think about them at all? if you were to represent them both with candles or lanterns, do you think both should be the same size or should one be bigger?

“mystical stupid man” of the undetermined - wants to be the moon’s apprentice, possibly become a second, smaller moon, to smooth out the waves like a permanent neap tide, end the spring tide.

an alligator swimming upstream, chasing an otter to oakland.

oh yeah, tomorrow is madness day, i almost forgot - keep the lids on the garbage cans, and take a sorcery vacation; saonara, lightning bolts of the beyond! the ambulance is coming so i have to go now; wave the flag, my clouds have just arrived, on parade and having the time of their lives, in outer space, all puffy and floating like that; i see your freedom in a rock, over there on the left, it’s glowing like it’s got something wrong with it; go get a strong piece of candy for my gravestone, and put the candy on the furnace and talk about tomorrow; it took a candle a month to rise to purpose like this.



Can you write a simple sentence?

read alot of hegel books.
sentences were cucurbitaceous.
i thought it looked like fun.
people say i’m insane.
“calm DOWN sir!”
“but officer, I AM calm!!!”
but i do make those sentences go insane!
set the tigers free and let the rooster crow!!!
hey i got it inside of me,
and it feels great to get it out.


dumb it down for the average consumer…

I dont’ know if your preaching ■■■■ or not…seriously your not getting points by how intelligent you are! That guy from a Beautiful Mind has beaten you to the punch so to speak…

No point having a joke no one can understand…

A friend in the struggle,


Do as needed wonderdonkey, I for one root for you.
It’s proper refreshing to read your work. And I agree, what’s pure from mind set free does have value, in time others will catch up.
If not, well, those along side will be the better off for knowing you, and who could put a price on that?

it isn’t “intelligent”, who could mistake it for that???
it’s non sense, schizotypal non sense, somewhat inimitable;i call it me being “mystical and stupid”;
fact is i was writing a book, based on notes in notebooks i carry around.
these were notes that didn’t have a logical place in the book,
just random thoughts really, what else to do with them but dump them at the schizophrenic forum’s door?
the sentences are not conventional, for the most part. And what they preach can only be considered the ravings of the tortured unconscious.
Though there was a perfectly simple and straight forward constructed one in the middle; pick up on that one, answer with your true thoughts, maybe i should have stripped away the fancy dross and just left the question i have for you guys:

“sun and moon - do you think about them at all? if you were to represent them both with candles or lanterns, do you think both should be the same size or should one be bigger?”

hey as far as it not being a joke if no one can understand…

“the castle of forever has a mindless glow, freight train of understanding completely blocked by the snow”

It’s like a magical little light rose up out of the magical ritual I just performed which was the reading of that purple book, the alchemical adventures of Han Xiangzi; the series of syntagmatic actions that made up the ritual was me turning each page and letting Han Xiangzi’s presentation work its magic; it sang me a song, and that song said to “turn back”; the monkey on the horse was riding toward the cliff - monkey is mind, horse is will - they keep on bucking like the wild bull but they have to be tied down and immobile; the transcendent immortal came along - divine angel of immortal wisdom watching from above and guiding through suffering and escape, angelic essence of heaven - just in time, before that monkey had that horse run straight off the cliff, hurtling me toward death.

So now “mind - monkey” and “will - horse” are locked down, frozen out in the cold, little immortal ice cube at the center of the moronic inferno of lies & destruction, mystical column of certitude in a tepid and undecided pool- walking beam of silence in a crowd of disarray on a golden island flowing cross the river “holiday”; multi-aware frozen monkey layer, gone to the moon, do the show from there - the castle of forever has a mindless glow, freight train of understanding completely blocked by the snow;

The horse is frozen, frozen from the altitude, frozen out of the race; one more stop for the onderdonk house, alone in the twilight, where a candle burns and a heart glows, song of fire coming up from underneath the ice; cold in the new non-climate and walking around with closed eyes, flooded lungs, brave heart, and closed mind, walking the zig zag design that entrances the porcupine. On the golden hospital floor we serve the poison cure: fry the frog slowly, and push the horse forward with the cross-wired essence of the dream. The prize you win is sometimes consciousness, but you should just throw that one away.


Maybe you could try writing one haiku a day. Just my idea -

And post them her.e 20 characters.

I had a friend like this once.
Suffice to say we no longer speak (because he did all the talking lol)

Indeed, the knowledge of words isn’t intelligence. Knowledge itself is the opposite of intelligence and is propagated for that reason. Poets and philosophers, scientists and mathematicians are all of them schizophrenic. Divided from reality and creating endless combinations of symbols to interpret reality. Reality itself is thus lost. To name God is to separate yourself from him. To name yourself is even more dangerous. This man, “wonderdonkey”, sounds like another magician toying with his symbols; attempting to enchant you with eclectic nuances of reason.

oooh now I can get what are you trying to do, I do something similar to your writings but, however if you listened to it; it sounds funny and mystical, but really funny at some points…nice to find that some one share that weird hobby…keep it up …I really suspect you to be one of my friends, you sound like him too !

This is for you wonderdonkey: ( it is meaningless and not funny but something like what you do )
I melted into the spongy ripe soup, and I wondered if the grouchy pig has heard the screams of the unworthy, if it didn’t make the call then I’m not sure if it can survive the up coming storm of the night.
Squeaky toad licked his wounds of his toes, bones and nose, then he lifted up his head to witness the everlasting unseen of it all.
I scratched my head when I heard the settling news, blinked twice and said the words, I never heard anything like this before, he had told, will it ever be a wandering fraud !

Wonderdonkey, It keeps you away from people, if that’s what you want. Or maybe you have some friends who understand you. Or maybe you have schizophrenic genius…


I love it!

Got anymore?

I call this the grand schizotypal project, we all can work it, there you go!

the universe talks to us through our subconscious. I drop everything to read the word salad of a schizophrenic at manic peak top form, I know it can’t last and later the patient needs to be medicated, but oh what a glimpse of the darkness of the subconscious, the demon world, or whatever that is!

I do it as a hobby, drink the magical tea of mystical learning - 110 dollars a pound, flown in from the peak of mount lee shan in taiwan, at the center of taiwan, oh the exotic rainfall on the divine mud! Anyway, that and then the shamanic journeying drumbeat, and I can have any amount I want out of the word salad forest faucet, and personally I find that stuff endlessly amazing, I rarely understand - all mystical and stupid at first - but these things start to mean alot to me after days or weeks, take on esoteric meanings in a grand psychosis; I’m in the process of writing another book, I post on smashwords free ebooks of my nonsense, these forums are just practice grounds for this mind that just loves to do this i guess…

send more, if you can, if it’s not too dangerous, let more out of the faucet!!!

set the tigers free and let the rooster crow!!!

an onderdonk rooster walk across the picnic table!!!

( I wear the rustic cap to prove my innocence!!!)

  • charlie 5

sanity is just fruit, and i ate it all, nothing’s left.

i’ll wait till tomorrow and go out yesterday.

in the christmas at 11 the hospital sings 12, baptize yourself and sing along, it’s your castle, too.

wind storm rain storm goin insane storm; i sat in the temple to defend heaven’s decrees.

i let the universe talk to me over spilt milk - (milk-o-mancy)

so marry the darkness and chase the light, into the next town of nothingness - the alchemical alternative to reason.

i have a prepared reply, on that particular objection to this kind of free thinking.
Cause I get that all the time. I am from new york city, they don’t like this kinda free thinking around there. Much less so in the small cities of the south and midwest, where I used to travel to teach one week computer classes. Went out west where they told me the crazy people are, but these aren’t any more insane than the rest of the population, for the most part. They still don’t like that kind of free thinking around here, seems to threaten their sense of foundation. I also find those most threatened are those with the worst karma and so the most to loose if they contemplate the destruction and non existence of their former mental frameworks, and just learn to “eat word salad” like us spirits…

so the reply is that yes, I realize, I have made a serious choice in life: I’m 47 and I know I’m doing it, and I’ve been doing it my whole life. There are two mutually exclusive options in life: to belong or to understand. If you want to belong, you’re gonna need to know not anything about the universe other than exactly what the other people in your power structure think about it - get that at the nearest university program, four years of reading and then never worry again about knowledge, truth, beauty, or meaning, they got it all figured out for you.

I took a look at that when I was younger; my parents were both educators, deep into the miitary-industrial-educational structure of 50’s america, very into the mainstream college being some kind of magic to lift up peasents into noblemen, and these two nutty parents of mine wanted to be noblemen so bad they got me thinking peasant is the only way to be.

I asked my parents, teachers, priests, and science and history books and encyclopaedia britanica, what was going on here, what this is, what it’s supposed to be, who we really are, where we are going, what is the nature of the universe, and they really had no good answers. Gravity? Never made any sense to me. So I had to reinvent it for my mind as Ytivarg, a push not a pull (there’s no mystical force or graviton in the ground holding you down, that’;s the demonic mystic newton screwing up your military industrial educational world, cause you have to think like that if you wanna get ahead in the physical finite material world they preside over, you have to basically believe your world “sucks” with an invisible unknowable sucking force that is everywhere. I feel sad for your species to be under that spell (and so I wrote a book for y’all, the wan wu honeycomb theory of the universe, on smashwords, if anybody cares).

But I know nobody does, cause they all want to belong, not understand.

Society didn’t satisfy my curiosity, and in an autistic way that bugged me so bad I turned on humanity, left them behind, cause I noticed they went down the test tube of human knowledge, and down there they can do some fancy tricks but they can never understand the universe, cause most of it will never proceed down their little test tube. So I gave up the idea of belonging (“why are you reading THAT? there are like 4 people in the world who can talk about that with you” “I don’t choose my reading list by number of people I can talk to about the subject, almost, rather, the opposite”), and climbed back out of the hole of human knowledge, to live with my brothers the spirits, the schizophrenics, the two year olds, the shamans, the trees, the tapirs at the zoo the black holes in the sky, and live in mystery and wonder.

And I have a belief, that some day the human race will grow up, put aside their “science” and “reason” in a toybox, to be looked at wistfully once in a while maybe if some neighbors from outer space come over to visit but in general, to sit down, calm down and shut up. Live with the rest of us up here in the mystery and wonder.

What is it keeping them down there, anyway? Power, demons? Something like a promise of comfort? OK you eudaemons, judging your world by the level of comfort it can provide. Do you really think that’s a good direction in which to lead the human race? You silly monotheists, capitalists, and gametalists!!!

-wonderdonkey the immortal

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Nice !! sure I can jump in if u wish, it would be great, I just wonder about the admin allowing it or not ! I think it’s a schizo-literature and a flow of creative selection of words and phrases. I’m not sure if normal people are capable of writing such a thing or not, or if it’s only a skill handled by the few; the minority of a 1% of the population; schizophrenics.
I just squeezed these words up, I can do as much as it takes…
where did u publish your e-book, can it be found on the web ? pm. me if you want…

He’s a magician masquerading as a wise man.

hey, yeah, i’m a magician, it’s true, taoist alchemical wizard, these days
yeah, schizo-literature, not often allowed in forums but traditionally I am allowed to post only in the delusions forum which i guess this still is,

this website was yellow way way back when i signed up;
i posted all over it and got banned for fanning the flames,
"welcome to your power, here’s how to use madness…)
they said i was glorifying madness,
presenting it as an alternative - which i pretty much am,
i never did understand why that position seems to infuriate people,
like most of the admins, mister lister, whole websites over the years -
this past year something called crazyboards banned by id, my ip address, and the ip address of anywhere i attempted to log in as onderdonk, even the library. for free thinking, and glorifying madness, but really for trying to talk about the mystery and wonder at our disposal, trying to fish for the people who can take advantage of their madness, like i do,

i have one to two more days on this last book i’ve been working on

  • no microsoft word at home, i gotta go to kinkos and do the editing,
    plus a half hour of stuff they demand for publishing on smashwords.

I have two books up there right now, free ebooks;
first one was a couple of years ago - defending madness.
like twenty essays defending madness and it’s good points.
number one it gives me energy, physical power, people are jealous,
actually 47 years old i’m like an athletic and nimble manic 16 year old.
but way more than that, helps us see the universe unavailable to those who get as far as their early 20’s without developing apperception - the ability to appreciate that ways of thinking completely different from your own are valid - people who go to college and don’t think for themselves till it’s too late and they past the age to develop apperception, they are weird people who seem afraid and threatened, when i just want to search out interesting mystery and wonder, i’m not trying to threaten anyone, wouldn’t hurt anyone, might radically question any particular mindset, but nothing personal, you didn;'t invent that mindset you’re going around with, my guess is the devil did and i’m doing you a favor by smashing it, but anyway. I wrote the central essay defending madness - “Dicebant quoniam in furorum versus est” - since he is said to wander in the direction of madness. Cause I had read a bunch of books trying to defend religion from athesists and ended up defending madness, focault wrote a fat book on the history of madness that was kind of eye opening and interesting and that book i wrote came out of that research i was doing, on madness, i called it the philosophy of madness, or something like that. Wagging my redshift tail.

Then this year i was explaining my wan wu honeycomb theory on a white board and thought i should write it up so i can point to it on the web, and to try to get these different ideas out there about the universe.

and then a couple of weeks ago i found the Way, rode a black bull off in to reality, met the universe and had in depth conversations, became friends, learned powerful daoist like magic, alchemy, all wizardry in the ether, and so I thought i should write a book about the experience, suspecting i may be the very most perspicuous person ever to find the Way, and so better able to explain it to western minds, maybe, or atleast to eastern minds, who i intend to translate into chinese in calligraphy for. so i’ll paste that one up at smashwords in a couple more days, won’t cost me anything but another twenty bucks or so at the fed ex office using the scanner and word.

helps us see the universe unavailable to those who get as far as their early 20’s without developing apperception - the ability to appreciate that ways of thinking completely different from your own are valid - people who go to college and don’t think for themselves till it’s too late and they past the age to develop apperception, they are weird people who seem afraid and threatened, when i just want to search out interesting mystery and wonder, i’m not trying to threaten anyone, wouldn’t hurt anyone, might radically question any particular mindset, but nothing personal, you didn;'t invent that mindset you’re going around with, my guess is the devil did and i’m doing you a favor by smashing it, but anyway.

This is so very well said. I personally think there is a huge benefit to viewing these experiences/perceptions/etc as something that can have value. “Madness,” in my opinion, is simply increased perception. With that perception comes additional vulnerability to believing lies, but don’t most people do that in consensus reality anyway? Like believing that we should all buy tons of crap at Christmas time? Go to war to protect an ideology?

I think dealing with the so-called madness productively requires a mind that is stronger than most.

stronger than most, this mind is, not of its own choice of course, but it was the choice of a crazy mom who played mind game battles from day one but never won one, the only escape from years of prison in the frightened parents apartment was their bookcase in the basement, all mystical / self-help / astral travel / religions and philosophies of the west - no east down there, that came later had to find it on my own. anyway, i was very surpised, at 5 years old when i came to first grade, that no body else was like me, and they were all like eachother. then i wondered why 12 of them hadn’t become my disciples yet, (the knuckle head mafia kids kinda hated me and i was short and a year younger) and all through the years i realize no body is competing with me at all - at energy level the two year olds are doing what i do but they don’t have the skill sets to be effective with it like i do, and as far as the mental energy and stamina, coming to you via a somewhat brutalized keeboard - learned on a smith corona and carried the practice through to this second…BANG@! um, yeah, nobody else does what i do - like they all don’t want to play or are busy or just tired, like i’m a two year old and all the parents are dull and tired and lost and disconnected from the super - reality that blossoms from the multi imagination of crazy people, cause that’s what they call free thinking people with imaginations around here - this culture.

yeah i used to go around making that point about apperception.
read once that if you don’;t develop it by mid twenties, you never will
and took that as the explanation why all the people who graduate college seem frightened and confused by anything that wasn’;t covered at collge, no re thinkng of anything, like they have so much invested in that particular mindset, stayed up studying for four years, don;'t go messing with their beliefs, or they’ll sick their gods and their guns on you, well, i also realized the people who don’t have that problem are the ones that traveled between radically different cultures when they were young, first decade or atleast second. Those were always the smartest about apperception, and it makes sense, they realized a long time ago that completely different ways of thinking than americanism can also be valid, because they’d lived it.
so they say could i please not practice arbitrary contrarianism 24/7, and i say well i’m not but yeah if that’s what everybody thnks or does then i’m immediately suspicious, and have to prove to myself it’s worth doing in anyway, and if i can;t then i drift away farther from the hubble flow of the cluster with my velocity dispersion. cause i don/t wanna follow their nonsense devils off the cliff of the universe, i heard it was a free country, i should atleast be allowed to benefit from my own multi level awareness, practice whatever kind a shamanism in my room or my backyard at night, think however i think heaven would think, and if that doesn’t involve humans then silly humans, drop what you’re doing and follow me, cept i learned in first grade you won’t or can’t - so i will leave you alone for the most part, but i might post on schizophrenia forums, because science says i’m insane, incurable, schizophrenic, should be hospitalized, i’m undrugged and won’t go, yes i suffer but i gave up caring, and it’s a free country, ex wife actually sueing me for incurable insanity as a reason for divorce, i’m so stamped insane, so hence i post in these forums, where they say i belong. myself, i make sense to myself, and reach out here to whoever else out there might actually want to think and live in a world of mystery and wonder. no one? oh well. silly monotheists, capitalists, and gametalists, guess that stuff is more important, is it?