Cursed earth

The Earth is far from “cursed”. The minds & bodies of humans are simply inept. Too much crime has been committed in the past & recent, and thusly humans are suffering more than their fair share.

The expected limit of crime that God or man has intended to be possible has been exceeded, thus suffering is abundant.


based on what I see here on Earth. I believe that it is cursed.

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I really like your philosophy and just your perception on life. you’re intriguing. Just a compliment. :blush:


i read parts of the bible for answers and it does mention the word ‘’ madness’’, in short for going against gods will

yeah, I admire monks and religious leaders who dedicate their lives to serving god. I’m not qualified. I prefer to die alone and then join hell with my martini :cocktail: who knows, I might change before I die. do you read the bible?

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You should read about Legion in the Bible hes a guy with mental illness

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in the old testment god sent people mad for disobeying him, i read it

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awwwww come on! I don’t deserve this. the amount of ■■■■ I’ve been through since my childhood, god is punishing me?

but in the ‘‘new’’ testment god forgives ok

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when first set out for answers i went through the bowls of the earth, for anything i could find

I personally don’t think god would punish someone. the idea of hell is ridiculous. I don’t wish hell upon my enemies. If people know better they’d do better. we’re so fragile, we could be brainwashed, manipulated, played with our emotions and childhood has a huge impact on our lives. If god is good, everyone deserves a second chance. I believe in second chances.

people like hitler and others like stalin and some others most highly deserve hell but they were ■■■■■■ up. if they had any type of awareness, they wouldn’t do those acts. people used to sacrifice children in the old age!

as i said i looked every where to find out about madness, and over-all i didnt like what i found and still don’t

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a bad name is right

None of us know what is going on. The situation is complex and it seems to make people act like animals, so it can’t be good.

is it a blessing or curse

I believe that it’s not that Earth is cursed but that people(humans) are deluded.

I classify humans into 4 categories

  1. Those that are humane,sensitive, kind , honest and make valient attempts to face evil humans with strength and vigor . These people need to have a tremendous willpower, intellect , passion, knowledge to overcome the odds and survive and even make a difference in the world . These people carry the highest risk of getting into mental illness as they are more aware and perceive evil very clearly .

  2. The second category of humans are those that know that evil exists in the world but they prefer to remain silent about it and go about their daily tasks as if nothing has happened .

  3. The third category of humans are those than simply do not care. They don’t care whether there is good or bad or whatever . These people are maximum in my country INDIA . They live an animals life eating like dogs . Craving for pleasures like animals and basically to give you a simile : if you see bananas lying on the road you would see monkeys pouncing on it and beating and even killing other monkeys to grab a tiny bit of banana.

  4. The 4th category of humans are those that pretend to be good but are extremely evil from within. Their level of evilness is at par with the 3rd category but they cover it up really well .example : religious leaders , priests .

From looking at my country I would say that 70-90% of humanity are in category 3 and 4 while probably 9% are in category 2 while 1% of the world who are actually the gem of the world belong in category 1 .

In the end it is we ignorant humans who through our ignorance make the world a cursed place to live in . In fact most animals are way better than majority of the human beings .


I too don’t believe in hell but somehow I do believe that rebirth into animal species is possible . For example you can clearly see some humans actually look like animals in the way they behave . Are rude , greedy , ambitious et al . It’s not illogical to assume that they would turn to be reborn as animals from their mental state of mind.

I didn’t realize that being ambitious was an animal instinct. But hell, we can never know this things, it’s a choice to believe this stuff. I can say I’ve met a lot of people who were worse than some animals.