The ultimate Unusual Belief (Cloud-Consciousness)

Our brains will be „Operating In-The-Cloud“ pretty soon.
„you“ and „me“ will cease to exist. Your any my feeling as “Self” will cease to exist.
There will only be “the human cloud consciousness”. The whole human society will operate as one whole being. There will be no individuals.
The funny thing is, I absolutely know how being part of this feels.
I have dreamed hundred of times about it. It will happen in the next years.
Then, it will not matter whether you have schizophrenia, or any other mental illness or whatever.
You wont exist! You will be insignificant!
Imagine. You will be like a single cell in a body. Does it make much of a difference if a single cell has a minor defect? No it does not.
You will be part of a whole, and do your job. The whole knows that it exists. You may somewhat know that you exist, but not that much. You rather feel as a part of the whole humankind. You wont feel your schizophrenia or whatever that much because you feel everyone. And your schizophrenia doesn’t feel that bad because you feel 6 billion other people’s consciousness at the same time.
It’s like you are a drop in the ocean. Can a drop in the ocean be different than the other’s? Can you even tell where a particular drop in an ocean is? NO. it’s EVERYWHERE. And it can’t be any different than the other’s! Because an ocean is not made out of single drops! It’s just a big homogenous ocean. A single ocean.

And soon. There will be just a single human being. Just one human being, consisting of the sum of the consciousness of all human beings, bundled together.

You will see. That day will come. We are max. 10 years away. Stop smoking and drinking so you you wont die and experience it.

I don’t know how it will happen. Whether will a computer-brain port device or just by human brain evolving of some sort. But that will happen. You will see.

Think of the schizophrenic on named Omid who wasn’t one when it happens.


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note: found it after original post.

There are (at least) three ways to look at this, I will suggest.

One is via assertion that we are all mind-controlled by the same controller. Which – considering the diversity of belief between, say, Xtians, Islamics, Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists, socialists, feudalists, atheists, agnostics, etc. – at least seems questionable.

Another is via assertion that such diversity is actually a “conspiracy” for the sake of wealth accumulation (via arms sales if nothing else), population control, etc., to enrich a small # of elites who don’t care which faction “wins” or “loses” so long as they remain safe in their bunkers.

And then there are the various “universal consciousness” purveyors (like the “pure,” non-doctrinal Sufis, Buddhists and Taoists) who assert that things are as they are, and that if the diverse groups would give up their beliefs and just use their eyes, ears and senses, they’d all see the same reality because they would no longer be “programmed” to “see” diversity.

I’d say the third is more potentially useful than the first two.

I can be very helpful to “unplug” for awhile and not participate in the hive mind. You have a choice of what and when you consume. I say choose wisely. I know after the massive download of information, that is psychosis, I need to focus on self and self only.

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Got it. 15151515151515

There are two kind of “hive minds”

  1. the one created of unconscious crap of other people. if you conncect to that, you get psychosis.
    2 The other is created from consciousness. you fall fall above consciousness. not into unconsciousness. that’s what I’m talking about.
    These are two very distinct states.
    the first is crap.
    the second is a good thing.