Soulless Bots

As a child I thought that all beings are soulless bots, created by God to test me

I hope you’re not thinking that now.


Others are a problem for me.
They are soulless robots, or actors, or my self expanded, or just one alien with infinite forms

I believe people are forms of the Creator. The schizophrenia symptoms make them feel a lot more “interconnected” and “fake” than they seemed when I was normal, but they are still definitely unique, fully capable individuals. I feel that they have souls.

I’m like 80-90% out of the crazy hole now though, and that feeling of interconnectedness hasn’t occurred to me in a while. The ticket back to reality is healing the brain.

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Yes i felt it to. My world became sort of artificial. The plant, water, everything felt like plastic. It was an unreal feeling. Sometimes i felt like a cartoon. Be nice to your robots, beware of the evil once.

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It’s called philosophical zombies. People without consciousness.


Without a conscience i wouldn’t notice the difference.

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If this “delusion” lasts for 20 years, it’s a major one according to my terminology, does this mean that I had schizophrenic traits since childhood?
I think I was schizotypal all my life and then it evolved into schizophrenia

That’s right. Thank you

Bots is a word used only for Internet robots or for real robots too? Did I use it correctly?

I hear divine voices, poetic like psalms from Bible.
And I believe that voices are more real than people around me

I thought everyone was a bot and I was an alien. That was when I was most psychotic

But I still have similar beliefs sometimes


Yeah, I had them while psychotic but still have them most of the time. I guess I am a bit psychotic even now.

They might exist though. Scary, huh?

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I’m sure that I am more real than others.
It’s like ontology, perhaps.
I’m sure this is a test

Are you more real than me?

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The reason I asked is because I believe consciousness is more complicated than people think. I know for me, I might have more than 1 consciousness. I might have a non-physical quantum consciousness too like everyone else. I believe either they overwrite my consciousness or that they took it away. The other simpler alternative is I had my memory wiped completely mk ultra style, but I doubt this. I believe I have a photographic memory but it’s different than the typical kind. I cannot memorize texts but I have above average ability to memorize conversations and I also can remember my vast amount of past lives I call iterations in the matrix.

I hope i’m not confusing you or making your delusions worse. In a past life, I was abducted by grey aliens and they hurt me because I said philosophical zombies existed or they thought I was one. They were testing to see if I could feel pain and I did.

I also was out of the simulation and had access to it/helped run it…I guess.

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I believe i am the only one for whom I can be sure

That’s solipsism right? But I also think solipsism can be deceiving because you cannot trust your own judgement if we live in a brain in a vat. Your senses/brain could be confusing you too. That’s the argument I read about it, basically.

I can tell you I have a consciousness right now since about 2010-2013. I felt like they transferred it or overwrite it.

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Brain in a vat is another idea.
I am beyond ideas.
Anyway, I don’t want this thread locked.

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