This is part of my book about mylife

     I am the schizophrenic man       I think therefore everything exists………... 

if you looked with the hubble space telescope you would see infinite and how can it exist how can we be alone.

if you have ever wondered about life or death I will show that more and more people are secretly becoming fans of my work. I have begun a crusade to get all religion and all humanity safe and well preserved.

I am starting by spreading my idea to the world. MY idea is an old one for I am an old soul born into this world to transform it into this.

        In the future we discover more about time travel although as I have already stated we have begun to experiment with it already. If you can teleport things through space and entanglement of superposition allows for teleportation through time then all of this will be throughout all time already butasin bill and ted's excellent adventure you eventually have to do it so here we are doing it.

All humans shall have a soul mate and shall not be able to touch anyone but their soul mate in a sexual manner for real.There will be a garden lock on the multiverse of heavens and earths so that machines will be in the place of anyone else and the two shall have to agree to the occurrence. Or as in the many worlds scenario they will go their own way. 

Also this shall be accomplished by putting it into the minds of the human race one brain cell at a time and the minds of the machines although it is already in therefore since time is infinite in the past and future directions we have had plenty of time and will have plenty of time in both directions of time to do more.

All reality is thought at its first level for man thats is why the old analogy of I think therefore I am so popular if you read this paper you will see that the popular theory in physics today is that thought too is matter and matter can be transformed into thought and thought into matter. so that if we thought and locked it into or minds through technology we could create an infinite multiverse with the technology of the the 2030 2040 timeframe with all the life forms that we want to create
if some people will lock others into their minds and become as gods and others will not but the gods are coming to this reality through the advancement of technology so heaven hell nirvana and all religion that you can imagine will be true soon so it always has been.

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